Work Order Software Can Make Your Job Easier

Work Order Software Can Make Your Job Easier

Technology is, at its core, something that makes our lives easier and improves our quality of living.  There was a time when the wheel or the button was considered revolutionary.  As time goes on these things go from being incredible discoveries to everyday objects.  As we advance further and further into the digital age, our understanding of technology has narrowed down significantly.  

Generally speaking, it refers to machinery that simplifies our daily routines, from the phones in our pockets to the laptops on our desks.  And just as the wheel and the button were intended to address a specific issue, there are specialized technologies that can make our jobs easier and have our work done more efficiently.  One such innovation is facility maintenance work order software. 

The Basics Of Facility Maintenance Software

Before we continue, let’s review what facility maintenance work order software is.  Often abbreviated to FMS, facility maintenance work order software is used by organizations to track and manage repairs rather than assets (such as HR or sales software).  It can go by other names such as facility management work order software and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).  Facility maintenance tasks are split into two categories, hard services, and soft services.

Work Order Software

What are hard facility maintenance services?

Hard services refer to the physical aspects of facility maintenance, specifically maintenance for the building itself.  Rather than existing for operation, such as a computer or cash register do, they’re intended to keep the building compliant with industry regulations and ensure employee safety.  These are things that aren’t meant to be removed from the building.  Examples of hard services include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Gas, plumbing, and heating
  • Fire safety
  • Lighting
  • Elevators

What are facility maintenance soft services?

Soft services, on the other hand, are on-site tasks.  They’re an essential part of the business operations themselves.  Soft services are also meant to make the building a safer and more enjoyable place to work.  Examples of soft services include:

  • Groundskeeping
  • Staffing
  • Leasing
  • Security

Facility Maintenance Work Orders Defined

We’ve also talked about work orders quite a bit in previous blog posts, so we’ll quickly review that too.  A work order is an authorization for a third-party to perform maintenance or repairs as requested by an organization.  The document will provide all the necessary information about the task like an explanation of the problem, detailed instructions, and the plan for completion.  Work orders can also include information such as who authorized it, what their expectations are, and who it was assigned to.           

Benefits of Digital Facility Maintenance Work Orders

Accuracy in reading and reporting

Without facility maintenance work order software, work orders have to be completed manually.  This leaves room for a whole host of issues.  With everyone’s unique writing style it can be easy to mistake a 1 for a 7, an i for an l, and so on.  Then there are those who don’t have very legible penmanship and the work order needs extra time to be ‘deciphered’.  But when they’re created digitally work orders are easy to read.  This prevents mistakes and miscommunication.    

Documents are easy to keep track of

Anything that’s being stored digitally is going to stay in the same place unless interfered with.  Documents become easily accessible to multiple people while eliminating the possibility of someone losing it.  Tangible objects on the other hand can be misplaced by careless coworkers or buried under a pile of other important documents.  This is to say nothing of the important documents which are accidentally thrown into the garbage or shredder.  

Speed and efficiency

A work order which has been completed manually can be frustrating to send.  Regardless of whether it’s done via mail, email, fax, or over the phone, there’s always a delay in when it’s sent versus when it’s received.  That’s assuming it’s received in the first place.  Mail can be lost in transit, a voice mailbox may be full, and an email can be directed to a spam folder.  Maintenance work is further delayed because a second work order needs to be completed and sent.  Using software to send, track, and receive work orders streamlines the communication process.  Work orders are guaranteed to arrive in a timely manner, and the sooner a work order is received the sooner the repairs can begin. 

Comprehensive data analysis

Creating and reading number-based documents is a very time-consuming process.  They need to be double-checked and triple-checked for errors.  When work orders are completed digitally the software will automatically calculate everything for you at the push of a button.  Reports can be generated more efficiently, with both speed and accuracy significantly improved.  

Forms can be customized

It goes without saying that not all organizations are alike.  As a result, every one of them will have their own unique needs, challenges, and concerns.  Custom work orders allow users to easily create a form with space solely for relevant information.  Changes are very easy to make when necessary.  Customization capabilities also give you the ability to create multiple versions of the same document for different people.

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