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Winter Storm Safety Tips for Businesses

Welcome to Trillium’s blog on Winter Storm Safety Tips for Businesses! With the winter season fast approaching, it is essential to start preparing your commercial property against the harsh weather conditions. Winter storms can cause significant damage to properties, resulting in business interruptions and costly repairs. This blog post will provide invaluable tips for business owners and property managers to keep their premises safe and prepared for the winter season.

Snow and Ice Management

The first and most critical step in winter weather preparation is to arrange for snow and ice management practices. You must have a solid plan and team for snow removal, including salting, plowing, and sidewalk clearing. Partner with a reliable commercial snow removal company to promptly ensure your property is cleared of snow and ice. Also, hire a dedicated staff or contractor to monitor and maintain snow and ice conditions throughout the winter season.

Assess Your Property For Snow and Ice Management Needs

Conducting a thorough assessment of your property before the winter season begins is crucial. Identify any weak points in the building structure, such as windows, doors, roofs, or gutters, that could fail under snow or ice weight. Hire a professional roofing company to check and repair any potential damages to your roof. Also, examine your property’s heating system, insulation, and plumbing for any problems that may arise during the cold weather.

Power Backup and Emergency Kit 

Winter storms can lead to power outages lasting for days or even weeks. Have a power backup plan in place to avoid business disruptions. A generator or fuel-powered heater can provide a good backup source of electricity. Also, prepare an emergency kit with a first-aid kit, flashlights, blankets, non-perishable food, and bottled water. Have this kit stored safely and easily accessible during an emergency.

Keep Updated with Weather Reports

Keeping updated with the weather reports to stay informed of upcoming winter storms is essential. Have a designated person or team responsible for monitoring the weather and communicating the information to the rest of the team. Establish a protocol for notifying occupants of possible business closures or delays. Stay alert and enact your winter weather plan immediately upon hearing of a winter storm.

If improperly prepared, winter storms can cause significant damage and disruptions to businesses and commercial properties. Commercial property owners and managers can safeguard their premises against harsh weather conditions by following these essential winter storm safety tips. Remember to partner with a reliable commercial snow removal company, thoroughly assess your property, have a power backup plan and emergency kit, and keep updated with weather reports. At Trillium, we can assist you in preparing your property for the winter season by setting up preventive maintenance through our software which can help you save time and money in the long run. Stay safe and prepared this winter season! 


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