Winter Facility Management Tips

Winter Facility Management Tips

With winter right around the corner, it is crucial that you take the time to prepare your facility. The drop in temperature and inclement weather brings new challenges to facility and landscape maintenance, challenges that you don’t have to worry about during any other season. It is all too easy to be caught off guard by these changes and the new demands that they place on your maintenance strategies. We have developed this list of winter facility management tips to help you and your team prepare for the upcoming transition to wintertime.

Create a Plan Before Winter Arrives

Giving yourself adequate time to prepare is the key here. The last thing you want to do is wait until the first snowfall is predicted to draft a plan, and scramble at the last minute to make sure it’s both complete and properly implemented. Schedule a walkthrough with a landscape maintenance expert to get a professional opinion on the next steps you should take, and to identify potentially problematic areas that untrained eyes would not know to look for. 

Decide Where the Snow Will Go

Does your facility have space for piles of snow? Or will that snow need to be hauled away instead? This is one of the first questions that you should answer when putting together a plan for the winter. It’s arguably one of the most important as well – it is a matter of space optimization and safety concerns. Consider this scenario: you have plenty of spacious areas for depositing snow piles, but those spots are close to some of your walkways. If you’re only looking at snow removal as a spatial optimization concern, those spots would be perfect. However, from a safety perspective, it’s not only a poor decision, it’s a dangerous one.

Winter Facility Management Tips

Devise a Schedule With Your Contractor

There are many different factors to consider when coordinating with your contractor. Your facility’s location and the local weather patterns are two such factors to consider. Are your needs best served by establishing and sticking to a maintenance schedule? Or is it best to wait until a specific number of inches of snow are covering the ground?

Pay Attention to the Snowfall

Every year is different, so each plan you create is also a test run of sorts for next year. Take note of how snowfall and snow removal are impacting your employee schedule and the customer experience. Be mindful of refreezing water, drainage, and other potential concerns – how well does your plan address them? What changes need to be made for a more effective plan? Rest assured though, with these winter facility management tips you’re sure to get a strong head start on creating a plan that best suits the unique needs of your organization, and the facility that you are operating in.

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