Why You Need A Locksmith For Your Commercial Building

If facility maintenance isn’t your primary job at the company you work for, it can be challenging to stay on top of all the tasks that need to be done. You know it’s important to pay the janitor on time and schedule HVAC maintenance in the spring and fall. But it’s easy to take other systems for granted and forget about them. Until something goes wrong. 

Your building’s doors are one of those systems. You assume everyone’s keys and access cards will work, until one day they don’t, and you’re faced with an emergency need for commercial locksmith services.

Here are three reasons why you need a reputable commercial locksmith on-call. 

#1 – Safety & Security 

Depending on your industry, your building may hold valuable products and expensive machinery and equipment. Or, it may house sensitive customer data or trade secrets on computers or onsite servers. Medical offices and hospitals have people’s DNA and even future children in fertility clinics. Whatever your business, you have something to secure behind closed doors. In addition to protecting company property from an outside threat, you may need to control internal access to certain parts of your building.

Additionally, did you know there are OSHA standards for exit doors to protect the safety of building occupants? OSHA 29 CFR [1910.36(d)(1)] requires that “Employees must be able to open an exit route door from the inside at all times without keys, tools, or special knowledge. A device such as a panic bar that locks only from the outside is permitted on exit discharge doors”.

A commercial locksmith can handle every aspect of access control for your building. They are up to date on OSHA standards and can ensure your company is always compliant – giving you one less thing to worry about. 

#2 – Maintenance Of Locks & Access System

Daily wear and tear, seasonal temperature changes, and dirt can all affect the physical performance of your doors and locks. While they are more secure, complex access control systems with biometrics, RFID fobs, or swipe cards are at an even greater risk of malfunctioning. Especially for biometrics, it’s critical to have properly calibrated sensors; they should allow a slight margin of error (i.e. you don’t want an employee locked out because of a hoarse voice due to a cough, or a puffy face after botox injections). 

But you’re responsible for distributing new keys and swipe cards and changing employee access in the system. It’s unlikely you know how to maintain or troubleshoot a complex access control system or malfunctioning electronic locks. 

That’s why having a commercial locksmith conduct an annual inspection of all of your locks and access systems can ensure everything is clean, functioning properly, and correctly calibrated. This preventative maintenance can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on more productive tasks. 

#3 – Upgraded Lock Technology

As your business needs change, you may want to upgrade your locks or secure different parts of your building. But modern locking technology can be confusing. Maybe your company decides to replace traditional locks with magnetic locks. That’s cool, but what kind of technology is going to be used to open doors… proximity card, keypad and code, RFID, Bluetooth, biometrics, wifi, etc? What happens if the power goes out? Do you need fail-safe or fail-secure locks? 

If facility maintenance isn’t your primary job, the world of locksmithing can be a very confusing place. That’s why having a trusted commercial locksmith in your corner is invaluable. They can make recommendations for lock technology based on your needs. They’ll tell you how much it will cost to install and maintain, and how easy (or difficult) it is to manage access internally. You will be equipped to go to your superiors with a proposal, and you will feel confident speaking about the technology the locksmith is recommending. 

A good commercial locksmith uses the latest lock technology to secure your building and assets, keep occupants safe, and ensure you’re always in compliance with OSHA standards. 

Trillium Facility Solutions Connects You With Trusted Local Locksmiths

You know what else is confusing? Vetting a bunch of commercial locksmiths and hoping you’re hiring the right one — when you really don’t know the first thing about locksmithing. That’s why partnering with an expert facilities management provider, like Trillium, makes your job easier. One call to us is all it takes to get a trusted professional onsite in no time. We do the hard work for you — only partnering with the best local locksmiths to ensure you get the highest quality work without the headache of managing yet another vendor

It’s ok if facility maintenance isn’t your specialty. Because Trillium’s specialty is making you look good at your job! Get in touch with any of our amazing team members who are standing by ready to serve! Call (844) 344-3433 to learn more.

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