Why should I use a CMMS?

Papers and spreadsheets may have worked in the past, but currently, manually managing maintenance doesn’t cut it. There are too many risks involved for something so crucial. 

Most people don’t realize that CMMS functionality goes beyond ensuring the equipment is functional. This software also maximizes revenue generation and enhances a safe work environment. It’s no wonder most organizations depend on CMMS to manage all maintenance-related tasks!

This guide will highlight what a CMMS is and why you should start using one. 

A Quick Overview of CMMS

A CMMS ( computerized maintenance management system) is a tool that combines multiple maintenance processes into one software or system. This then enhances equipment performance and productivity by eliminating manual processes. 

Part of the CMMS suite of automated processes includes:

  • Inventory management
  • Unscheduled maintenance tracking
  • Audit and compliance record keeping
  • Work requests and work orders

It also includes preventive maintenance scheduling and record-keeping.

Top Benefits of CMMS

There’s no doubt that CMMS maintenance software has a wide range of benefits that you’ll never get with spreadsheets and other manual processes. This is primarily due to their automation features and centralized nature, eliminating inefficiencies in data collection & management, recordkeeping, and scheduling. 

Here are 4 main reasons why you should invest in a CMMS:

Increased asset lifespan 

Most industrial equipments are old models, and replacing them with new models is very expensive. This is why maintenance is critical. 

However, keeping the equipment in an optimal condition sometimes means performing maintenance checks in between breaks, which is difficult with OEM guidelines. 

With CMMS software, all you need to do is integrate with sensors, and it will track your equipment’s health in real-time and diagnose problems before they get out of hand.  

Simplified record-keeping

With CMMS maintenance software, you can easily keep track of spare parts costs and run data analysis reports to optimize the ordering process and their usage. This tool also simplifies the compliance and record-keeping processes ensuring all the critical data is in one central place. 

Reduced downtime

CMMS software ensures that maintenance occurs on time and uses data for efficient scheduling. This ensures that the right personnel and the needed parts are readily available, ultimately reducing your equipment’s downtime. 

You can also use this tool to ensure that the downtime is only scheduled at low-impact times. 

Enhances job satisfaction

People like their job when everything flows smoothly, processes are automated, and they no longer have to deal with tedious paperwork. CMMS software ensures this by enhancing better communication and workflow between the maintenance department. It also eliminates paperwork and reduces over time.                                                                                                                                                                  

Investing in a CMMS tool also controls costs by accurately forecasting the parts needed for maintenance, tracking the expenses, and reducing the cost of scrap and rework. 

Enhance your efficiency with Trillium’s CMMS Maintenance Software

There’s no doubt that CMMS software is the future of facility management. It’s a worthwhile investment that enhances your employee’s productivity and increases efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures all repairs are done promptly. 

Trillium’s CMMS maintenance software has all the functionality required to manage, schedule, and track work orders. It’s also user-friendly and is an all-in-one solution for all your equipment maintenance needs.

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