Where to use a CMMS System

Where to use a CMMS System

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is software designed to help companies organize their maintenance process. This resource provides a database of information about the organization’s maintenance needs, including work orders, regular maintenance logs, and more. 

There are many benefits to a CMMS system for companies. These benefits exist for any company with considerable maintenance needs or those with little time to tend to them. While they are an everyday necessity for many (53% of companies used a CMMS in 2018), many others don’t know the power they hold. 

Who Benefits from CMMS?

Anyone with a lot of maintenance needs could benefit from a CMMS system. Most commonly, the following industries benefit the most from doing so:

  • Accounting Services – Particularly if it is a multi-location operation. This industry is often fast-paced and can’t afford to scramble to find a contractor for minor fixes that need doing. Solutions like Trillium allow you to manage work orders and people more easily to get them done. This solution enables you to focus on your business and let them focus on keeping it functioning.
  • Dental Services – Maintaining a clean and comfortable environment is critical. CMMS systems help to stay on top of recurring and non-recurring needs.
  • Credit Unions – Credit Unions lose money each moment they aren’t focused on serving their clients. The cost of maintenance extends beyond parts and service. CMMS platforms help businesses stay on top of necessary repairs to maintain a clean, welcoming facility.
  • Fitness Studios – Fitness studios contain many items needing regular maintenance. Staying on top of the needs of each piece of equipment is a daunting task. Schedule regular maintenance through a CMMS system to ensure that you don’t miss the work that needs doing.
  • Food Service – Equipment going down can bring a food service business to a halt. CMMS platforms help by ensuring that regular maintenance and upkeep get taken care of. Routine maintenance extends overall equipment life and reduces the likelihood of downtime.
  • Professional Offices – Professional offices often don’t have the resources afforded to huge corporations. Administrative tasks can represent significant distractions from the business at hand. 
  • Retail – The more time a customer spends in your store, the more likely they will buy. CMMS systems assist help you create a clean, well-maintained environment for them to shop in. A happier customer is a more valuable customer!
  • Warehousing – Perhaps no other environment has as many moving parts as a warehouse. You need equipment to move the equipment that people need to access other equipment. It is often convoluted and hard to track if you don’t have help.

Why use a CMMS System?

CMMS frameworks are beneficial for many reasons. Here are just a few things they can help you accomplish:

Schedule and Maintain Tasks

Software provided by companies like Trillium puts task management at your fingertips. Using a cloud-based platform, you can quickly log in from anywhere. This increased access and visibility means you can manage the in-depth details of your tasks on the go, from any access point.

Work Order Tracking

Track work orders from start to finish. As requests pile up, it can be easy for something to slip through the cracks. With dedicated CMMS software, this is much less likely to happen. These solutions make it easy to track and update the status of work orders.

Maintenance teams often juggle regular maintenance with emergency orders and other non-urgent requests. Work order tracking helps keep track of each request’s status and make sure your team sees them through to the finish.


Having all your information in one place makes it easier to audit when needed. A CMMS system provides central storage of all requests and fulfillments, making this much simpler to accomplish.

Now What?

Up to 80% of CMMS implementations fail. Choosing the right system for your specific needs is crucial to ensuring that your switch goes smoothly. It’s helpful to have a team of people who come along with the software you decide to use.

Luckily, Trillium is here to help. Our dedicated staff can provide you with a CMMS plus a team of experts. Our staff will receive and process your facility maintenance needs. A three-tiered action plan takes the pressure of maintenance off your hands. That plan includes:

  • People: The dedicated facility maintenance team that we work with understands your specific needs.
  • Software: Our facility maintenance software is a robust tool created to tackle all your maintenance needs. Submit and track facility maintenance work orders efficiently and quickly. Plus, you can do it from anywhere, thanks to our web app and mobile application.
  • Partners: All your backend admin – licenses, certifications, insurance, and more – are managed in one place. Trillium can even manage accounting tasks for you.

If this sounds like the solution you’ve been waiting for, contact us today to get the conversation started. You can reach us via e-mail at sales@trilliumfacility.com. Or, schedule a free demo on our website. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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