What Is Precision Maintenance?

What Is Precision Maintenance?

Corrective and preventative maintenance are only two of many different types of methods used for maintenance performance. There are many others, one of which is precision maintenance. Rather than taking action on an as needed basis or scheduling routine maintenance, precision maintenance prioritizes accuracy and efficiency in accordance with industry standards. It emphasizes focusing on details, implementing best practice, and adequate training.   

Requirements for Precision Maintenance

In order to craft and put in place an effective precision maintenance strategy, facility owners and managers need a few key ingredients:

  • Employees have access to knowledge and training. Maintenance is carried out by skilled, knowledgeable individuals.
  • The materials used must be of the highest quality, and technicians must have access to the highest quality tools. Materials and tools must also be properly handled and stored.
  • All maintenance activities are thoroughly tested and documented. This documentation must be easily accessible.
  • All the information about a specific asset, such as its work history and diagrams, must be well recorded and easily accessible.
  • An established workflow or plan is already in place, and employees can easily follow it. 

Examples of Precision Maintenance

Precision maintenance is much more open ended than corrective or preventative maintenance. It lends itself towards a culture of accuracy in the workplace, and this will vary by facilities and their equipment. Some general examples of this maintenance method include:

  • KPIs are established by industry benchmarks, and they are tracked by using precise measurements of equipment performance. The data gathered from performance is carefully analyzed to pinpoint areas which can be improved upon.
  • Operating environment which is clean and uncontaminated. All inventory is kept clean, is stored properly, and can be easily accessed by trained employees. Strict measures are in place to prioritize employee health and safety. 
  • All members of the maintenance team are fully trained and certified for their tasks. They are familiar with all of the tools they are using and have a thorough understanding of how to handle them safely.

Benefits of Precision Maintenance

Due to its strong focus on accuracy and detail, the precision maintenance method cultivates a workplace which is free of clutter and confusion. All employees know exactly what is expected of them, the tools they need to accomplish their job, and can access the necessary information if they have questions. Teams work more efficiently by adhering to industry standards, and that careful handling of equipment results in longer lifespans for assets. There are also fewer breakdowns and less downtime. This reduces the costs associated with repairs such as technician fees, ordering spare parts, or paying extra for overnight shipping on new parts.

How to Get Started

Precision maintenance yields such promising results because it demands a lot of time and effort. A great deal of careful planning is put into creating this type of maintenance strategy for your facility. If you are able to invest that time effort however, the results are certainly worth it.

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