What Is IoT-Connected Facilities Management?

What Is IoT-Connected Facilities Management?

While not impossible, it is highly improbable that you will find an industry that has yet to embrace the Internet of Things. The efficiency it brings to the workplace is unmatched, and innumerable growth opportunities are opened up in the process. Facilities management only stands to benefit from creating an IoT in every building and location for which they are responsible.  

Defining the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the name for a network of physical objects (or ‘things’) that are able to communicate, coordinate, and share data through a shared internet connection. Many may not be familiar with the term but we all know about IoT itself. The IoT is not exclusive to the workplace, as many homes and residential areas have created their own IoT without even realizing it. Sensors, RFID trackers, smart security systems, biometric security scanners, and remotely controlled devices are all examples of devices that would create an IoT.

Benefits of IoT-Connected Facilities Management

When IoT is merged with FMS, everything which FMS has to offer is suddenly amplified. The gathering and analysis of data are what FMS was designed for, after all, and anything which can make it easier to gather, check, and share is undoubtedly helpful. 

Workplace Optimization

Proper utilization of space might not seem like an important issue, but it will when foot traffic or storage becomes inhibited. IoT can ensure that the entirety of a building is being used as efficiently as possible. This data is not only helpful for the present, it aids in future planning. When managing multiple locations corporate real estate is able to make more informed decisions.  

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is seen in two main areas- energy efficiency and predictive analysis. In identifying patterns in usage of things such as heating, lighting, and cooling, facility management can locate problematic areas and make the necessary changes to reduce energy bills. Predictive analysis allows for the monitoring of mechanical assets to identify potential for malfunctions, which can prevent both the malfunction itself as well as the high costs for repairs and replacements.  

Risk Mitigation

No matter how well equipped a building is or well informed the occupants are, there will always be safety hazards present. An established IoT will be able to monitor an area for a variety of security risks to prevent incidents from occurring. Sensors can scan badges to ensure no one goes where they are not supposed to. Sensors to monitor the environment know exactly when to turn on the A/C, activate the carbon monoxide or fire alarm, and remote devices can receive updates in real-time.

Improved Experience

The general experience of building occupants will be much better if facility management is implementing an IoT. Comfortable temperatures and a more productive staff contribute to a much more pleasant atmosphere. Building owners can rest easy knowing that their costs will go down while the customer and client satisfaction will go up. 

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