Ground Maintenance? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Ground Maintenance.

What Is Ground Maintenance?

In order to truly care for your property, you need to give just as much attention to the outside of the facility itself as you do the inside. Overlooking the space outside and around the facility can directly impact your sales performance and worker productivity, despite having no blatant connections. Ground maintenance is a type of maintenance program which focuses on keeping the space outside of the building neat, tidy, presentable, and safe.

Why Is Ground Maintenance Important?

Ground maintenance programs vary widely based on factors such as geography and climate. Regardless of the location, ground maintenance exists to serve three primary purposes:

  • Preserve or increase property value
  • Create an outdoor environment that is pleasant and welcoming
  • Ensure the outdoor environment is functional and accessible


While all three of these are equally important, the latter two are the reasons which affect sales performance and productivity. This is because the outside area is what influences the initial impression that people have of you and your facility as a whole. Customers and clients are more inclined to enter a building that appears well cared for and has entrances that are easily accessible. Stronger, positive customer relations and a building that is welcoming both translate to a happier work environment and more productive employees.

Who Performs Ground Maintenance?

Unlike maintenance performed on assets within the building, such as the HVAC system or specialized machinery, anyone can perform basic ground maintenance tasks. However, due to the commercial nature of the property, some employers do require specific certifications, training, or formal education from an academic establishment. They do this as a means of ensuring that their property is tended to by professionals, regardless of how simple and easy the tasks themselves might be. Those professionals can include:

  • Groundskeepers
  • Greenskeepers
  • Landscaping worker
  • Pesticide handlers
  • Arborists

What Are Some Examples of Ground Maintenance?

As mentioned above, the actions required for proper ground maintenance will differ, but there are some tasks that are universal. They include:

  • Lawn mowing, watering the lawn, general lawn care, and specialized lawn care (golf courses, etc).
  • Upkeep of sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, fences, and similar functional amenities which serve a practical purpose.
  • Upkeep of fountains, garden arches, and similar functional amenities which serve a cosmetic or aesthetic purpose.
  • Pruning dead or excess branches to prevent obstruction of power lines, roads, walkways, etc.
  • Diagnosing and treating tree diseases.
  • Applying fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals keep lawns safe and promote growth.
  • Planting and tending to trees, shrubs, and flowers.


Regional ground maintenance talks include:

  • Removal of snow and ice to keep sidewalks, pathways, parking lots, and roads safe and clear of obscurations.
  • Adding road salt or taking other measures to prevent the buildup of snow, ice, and slush.
  • Tending to the outside after damage from extreme weather conditions such as high heat, very low temperatures, frost, and high winds caused by natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc).

Who Needs Ground Maintenance for Their Facility?

Any organization with outdoor property will require some degree of ground maintenance. Some businesses and organizations require it more than others or require a more comprehensive ground maintenance program as part of their general facility maintenance strategies. Examples of such places include:

  • Locations with a lot of outdoor space (schools, resorts, college campuses, etc)
  • Locations that require strong aesthetic appeal as part of the nature of their business (zoos, gardens, malls, restaurants with outdoor seating, etc)
  • Outdoor public properties (parks, cemeteries, etc)
  • Sports and athletic facilities with outdoor fields and courts


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