What is Facilities Management Software?

facilities management software dashboard

Facilities management software is designed to help your company reach the peak of efficiency and productivity. The use of comprehensive software in combination with facilities services can improve cost-effectiveness and time management by automating your facility’s routine maintenance and scheduled inspections and manage them from one convenient platform.

Full-Service App Tracking

In addition to connecting you with the professional resources you need, this software allows you to easily track all your orders, inventory and assets. Track orders to stay in touch with all your repair staff.

You’ll never have difficulty knowing the stage of the process of a repair or maintenance task. Software such as SimpleFM allow you to even create new work orders and receive an estimate from the convenience of the app.

Benefits of Facilities Management Software

This software enables operation managers to schedule necessary repairs and routine maintenance ahead of time. This ensures that your facility operates at optimal production levels avoiding downtimes due to unexpected issues. Work orders can be submitted and tracked easily to keep timelines on target.

Systematic parts and supply ordering is a big benefit of these types of software. From efficient product ordering to warranty tracking, you can keep control over purchasing and replacement parts quickly and easily. Processing contractor invoices online can be a huge cost and time saver.

With the power of facilities management software, you can confirm contracted rates and taxes and link to third-party accounting systems to improve the speed and accuracy of payment processing.

Web-Based Repair and Maintenance Programming

How do you keep track of your facility? Today’s facilities have a wide range of schedules to manage to ensure efficient operation. Here are a few areas of facilities maintenance and repair you need to keep track of to protect your investment:

Whether you have a full-time maintenance team, work with contractors or outsource your FM services to a national facility management company, for all your repair needs, your commercial building requires a variety of inspections and maintenance services. Without accurate scheduling, you can easily miss a maintenance step. This leads to a damaged air conditioner, cracked sidewalk or other major repairs that require emergency services.

These services aren’t just about maintenance. Whether it’s yearly landscaping, snow removal, or a series of complex interior maintenance projects, a software app allows you to organize, schedule and manage tasks with ease and efficiency.

A software app can be used to schedule improvement projects and organize tasks which can easily become overwhelming and assist in improving the comfort, convenience and value of your facility.

Key Features of Management Software

Software such as SimpleFM, which is used extensively by facility maintenance companies can be used to record maintenance services, and propose a scheduled maintenance service. The ability to schedule service appointments and send invoices through our secure platform allows you to avoid communication errors and other hassles that are typically associated with building maintenance.

If you have any questions, work with our team to discuss the features that fit your business. Our SimpleFM app can assist you in creating a personalized system to track all the work orders on your property and safely schedule contractors.

Scheduling safe, verified contractors is essential if you’re new to an area or you’re unhappy with your current contractors. Compare reviews from verified customers to ensure your repairs are from a trusted provider in your area.

Additional Benefits

Why choose a facility management program? Whether you’re operating an extensive facility or a small, family-owned business, additional benefits of choosing this type of software:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Connections with verified contractors
  • Detailed work order creation
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Automated maintenance request scheduling

Creating work orders for every maintenance task can be daunting, so enjoy automated requests to speed up the process. Routine tasks, such as replacing air filters and inspecting roofs, can be entered as an automated task.

If the diverse range of invoices is creating a cash flow issue or making it difficult to manage all your receipts, enjoy a single invoice solution through Trillium Facility Solutions. Our software allows you to save time and consolidate all your management fees into a single, convenient invoice.

When you create detailed invoices and jobs for all your repair and building maintenance services, you can easily prioritize your repair needs. This allows you to efficiently keep your building ready for your customers or employees. Enjoy time-saving techniques that won’t cost you a fortune and can keep tabs on your entire building.

Facility Services and Solutions

To learn more about facilities management software contact Trillium Facility Solutions and speak with our team today to see how we can tailor it to fit your particular industry or company. Personalized, professional support is at the heart of what we do. Reduce the cost of your facility maintenance by working with a full-service provider of indoor/outdoor maintenance and repairs.