What is Corrective Maintenance?

What is Corrective Maintenance?

We have written several previous blogs that discuss the different types of maintenance and how they fit within a comprehensive maintenance program.  Today, we train our lens on “corrective maintenance”.  Corrective maintenance is a type of reactive maintenance, meaning that work orders are generated in response to a problem being identified.  However, it differs from emergency reactive maintenance in that corrective maintenance can be planned and performed at a future date.

Examples of corrective maintenance include:

  • A furnace technician is called to replace a faulty pilot light and notices corrosion on the heat exchanger.  A work order is written to repair or restore the heat exchanger within the next month.
  • A mechanical contractor is called to replace a pump and notices fouling in the piping when the pump is disconnected.  A work order is written to address the issue during the next annual preventive maintenance shutdown.

Corrective maintenance is generally less expensive than emergency maintenance but more expensive than preventative maintenance.  Corrective maintenance plays a role in any comprehensive maintenance program, but the goal is to have a robust enough preventative maintenance program that the need for corrective maintenance is minimized.  That’s where Trillium comes in.

How CMMS Software Helps with Corrective Maintenance

There are two key ways in which facility maintenance software like Trillium helps facility managers with corrective maintenance:

  • Because corrective maintenance is a type of planned maintenance, all of the benefits we covered in previous blogs extend to this type of work.  These include:
    • Streamlined communication between the tenant, the facility manager, and the contractor.  Trillium can incorporate information on resource availability, time, safety and site/equipment requirements, insurance, and compliance tracking. With full transparency, each party can stay informed as the work progresses. This history also helps provide clarity if progress on the job lags – without having to dig through your email trash or folders. 
    • Maintaining records to enable good decisions.  Is this the third time that you’ve performed the same corrective maintenance task?  Trillium helps you identify trends like this and know when it’s time to dig deeper for root causes.
  • Keeping your PM on schedule.  Because a well-executed preventative maintenance program tends to reduce corrective and emergency maintenance expenditure, making sure your PM’s get done is critical to keeping costs down. As we discussed in previous blogs, commercial facilities that have comprehensive preventative maintenance programs can reduce total facility operating costs by up to 50% compared to organizations that maintain their equipment after problems arise.  Keeping your preventative maintenance work orders scheduled with CMMS increases asset uptime and safety, and prevents expensive emergency repairs. This is a much better alternative to the “fix it when it’s broken” approach or to having a labor-intensive paper system with limited history.  

CMMS that is right for YOU

Trillium’s software and experienced team help organizations manage, monitor, and control maintenance including: equipment, resources, and regulatory compliance. Let us handle your facility and job management needs and help your organization save time and money. Interested to see how easy facilities can be?  Sign up for a Demo or email us at sales@trilliumfacility.com.

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