What is CMMS Software?

What is CMMS Software?

You might have come across the term ‘CMMS’ and not been entirely sure what it stands for and what it actually does. Don’t worry. You’re not alone! When it comes to maintenance management, it’s really important to have a good understanding of CMMS and how to use it. At Trillium, we specialize in CMMS, or ‘computerized maintenance management system’ software, so we’ve broken down what it’s all about and why your business could benefit from using it.

In short, CMMS provides a centralized system that helps businesses manage, automate, and streamline all of their maintenance operations. Basically, CMMS maintenance software is there to help make sure that your business is running efficiently by holding all of the necessary maintenance information needed in one place.

Ultimately, using a CMMS system saves time, prevents any unnecessary costs, allows you to track any necessary information, and improves communication between teams across your business.

Welcome To The Digital Age

Gone are the days of logging information by paper, today, pretty much every business has gone or is going digital. The need for multiple teams to access the same information, often from several locations, is now more common than ever. The solution? Introducing a CMMS system. 

Accessible from most devices, a CMMS system presents a streamlined digital approach to ensure everything is being done at the right time when it comes to your equipment and facilities while giving you the ability to create reports and forecast ahead. 

While a CMMS system can’t replace workers, it can make running a business a lot more efficient. It can be used by a wide variety of businesses depending on their needs, allowing for better communication thanks to the ability of cross-departmental sharing of data, with teams tracking their maintenance practices and activities with others across the business. Having everything tracked digitally has many advantages, including keeping everyone up-to-date with the latest information, reducing the chance of human error, improving response time, speeds up maintenance workflows and allows staff to track and analyze data easily.

How A CMMS System Works

A CMMS System holds all of your maintenance data in one centralized place, accessible by multiple workers and teams within your organization. 

There are many ways a CMMS system can be utilized within a business, but here are a few of the most common:

  • To ensure the right equipment is available for the work ahead. 
  • Creating a ticketing system on a CMMS system allows all teams to know the status of a particular job immediately or if something has gone wrong.
  • To communicate efficiently about live jobs, including any relevant notes tracked, previous work logged.
  • The creation of reports based on a business’s targets and goals to help track things like labor costs, time spent on work, and money spent on parts.


The great thing about a CMMS system is that any amends or additions made are done in real-time, which means it is updated instantly. For example, if a work order is closed, all users will immediately see that the status of that job has been changed to completed or closed.

Benefits Of Using A CMMS System

The information held in a CMMS system can support various elements of a business, including resource and labor management, from resource and labor management and registering assets to tracking work orders and materials, plus so much more.

Many organizations implement a CMMS system to reduce overall maintenance costs by improving performance within your team, reducing unplanned or unnecessary maintenance, reducing the length of unplanned tasks, reducing labor costs and reducing inventory costs.

Choosing the right CMMS system that works for you and your business is vital. Designed to help organizations manage multiple work orders simultaneously, Trillium lets you centralize a range of maintenance information. We make it easier for you to track, manage and respond to tasks so you can utilize the equipment and resources your organization needs for facilities maintenance.

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