What Is a Facility Maintenance Technician?

What Is a Facility Maintenance Technician?

Facility maintenance is an interdisciplinary approach that ensures that building systems perform as intended and at optimal capacity to suit the needs of the organization within said building. Facility maintenance work is generally overseen by a facility maintenance manager. Sometimes facility maintenance managers perform the maintenance work as well as the administrative tasks, but this is not common. The bulk of any routine maintenance tasks are typically performed by a facility maintenance technician.

Primary Responsibilities

There are many different duties that fall within the scope of facility maintenance, so there are lots of different things that a facility maintenance technician might be expected to do. The most basic facility maintenance technician job description would be someone who services capital assets, maintains commercial and/or industrial appliances, and preserves the condition of areas both inside and around buildings. This usually entails fields such as carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. They might also be expected to handle tasks like restocking restrooms, painting and remodeling, and daily trash removal.

Education and Training

There are multiple career paths that can lead to working as a facility maintenance technician. Two of the most common are through specific education programs to obtain an associate degree or equivalent education level, or apprenticeship programs through a labor union (such as the National Association of Home Builders or Air-Conditioning Contractors of America). However, there are some places that only require a high school diploma or equivalent education level and a few years of prior experience in the field. Though not as common, on-the-job facility maintenance technician training is also accepted in some facilities. Other requirements include things such as the ability to climb ladders or being able to lift 75+ pounds.

Licensure and Certification

Requirements for licensure and certification vary by state and locality. They also vary by the responsibilities that the facility maintenance technician will be expected to perform. For example, there are specific plumbing and electrical licenses that many jobs require. There are also multiple optional HVAC certifications that one might wish to have on their resume as well. Anything beyond that is usually at the discretion of the employer, based on the unique needs of the building that their organization is in.

Successful Maintenance Requirements

Facility maintenance cannot be performed and overseen by one person alone. It requires different teams at varying administrative levels to be handled as efficiently and as completely as possible. Though not required, facility maintenance software is an invaluable tool that anyone with facility maintenance tasks or needs can benefit from.


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