What Does Facilities Management Include?

One of the most common questions we hear at Trillium is: what does facilities management software include? Is it a holistic, turnkey solution, or is it another cloud-based IT service that will only consume more IT resources? Either way, the idea is that it takes the right platform to address both of these concerns, especially regarding the added complexity. At its core, a well-designed facilities management software should make operations more manageable, not more complex, and far more convenient.   

Nevertheless, we understand that you may still be curious about the specifics of our technology and services, so here’s a quick breakdown of what our facilities management software includes.

Streamlined and straightforward facilities management software

Among other benefits, Trillium’s software streamlines and simplifies management in a single platform that you can use to submit, view, and track work orders 24/7. Our team will perform due diligence and manage and respond to any unforeseen issues on your behalf.

The alternative is to create a patchwork of workarounds and proprietary processes, which can take several months to implement. Instead, our solution is simpler and streamlines facilities management in one platform.

A dedicated facility maintenance team

Unlike our competitors, we don’t just provide a business software solution and then back away. We also give you access to a dedicated facilities maintenance team to complement our technology. On your behalf, we’ll build an experienced management team that will help you drill down to the specifics of where you need to improve convenience and efficiency throughout the facility. This type of hands-on expertise makes us unique in the facilities management industry.

The team we select will include roles for sourcing, procurement, administrative, and call center access to complement our technology. The result is that you’ll eventually have a personalized facility with the help of a genuine team of professionals.

Our technology’s capabilities

Our software essentially creates a single system with online dashboards that display all work orders and notifications. Nowadays, relying on manual processes to handle paperwork orders and maintenance checklists is the least efficient way to operate a bustling facility.

Anyone authorized can access the software through our web application or a mobile app during peak production hours right from the shop floor. This way, everyone can stay on the same page regarding facility maintenance, so you don’t overlook issues like a failing HVAC unit or an industrial plumbing problem that needs immediate attention.

Aside from the usual slate of work order tracking and push notifications, our solution can also accommodate:

  • Multi-site management
  • Photo and PDF uploads
  • Assets management
  • Training videos

Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from our partner network, which includes services for backend administration, insurance, certifications, accounting, and licensing, if necessary. Without this type of service, you’ll have no choice but to apply solutions and technologies one at a time instead of working with our team.

Ultimately, Trillium’s facilities management software is unique and helpful when controlling maintenance costs.

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