What Are The Benefits Of Facilities Management?

What Are The Benefits Of Facilities Management?

The terms ‘facility maintenance’ and ‘facility management’ are thrown around quite frequently in the realms of business, management, real estate, engineering, and software development. Facility management is where each of these disciplines and industries intersects, creating a field that leverages technological advancements to benefit companies and other organizations at their respective locations. This raises a very important question though- why is facilities management important? At face value, it sounds like something that company managers or property owners can implement themselves. Facility management is a highly specialized field, however, and it requires a very specific background for the potential benefits to become a reality. 

Space Optimization

There is a better way to utilize the space that you are currently in. Are you able to identify the areas that can be improved? Do you know how to calculate the cost per square foot in your building? If not, a facility manager can take care of that for you. Whether this means a brand new floor plan or a simple rearrangement, facility managers ensure that you are getting the most out of the space that you’re using in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Asset Management

Asset management is not only a benefit received through hiring a facility manager, it’s also one of the benefits of building maintenance. When your assets are properly inspected, monitored, repaired, and replaced with the help of a facility manager you can expect their lifespans to expand and all associated costs to go down. Building management and maintenance refer to the ‘hard services’ of facility management, or rather the physical assets which cannot be separated from the facility. Aside from industry-specific assets and specialized technology, your facility manager will also look after your lifts, fire alarm system, and assets that keep the building safe and functional.

Cost Analysis

Understanding costs and expenses in the workplace can become very complicated, very quickly. There is so much to keep track of and manage, and crunching the numbers yourself can quickly lead to miscalculations and errors. A facility manager can keep track of every expense, from your utility bills to overhead costs, and see where you can improve. This is also one of the benefits of integrated facilities management, which is the practice of consolidating all facility management operations under a single team. Contracts, space management, vendor partnerships, and real estate planning is made much easier when the resources and communication are streamlined. It also becomes more cost-effective.


If the reasons above are not enough to convince you, then consider this- technology, by design, is constantly evolving. Trying to keep up with advancements and innovations can be a hassle, not to mention it cuts into time that’s best spent running your business. Facility managers will take care of that for you, so the next time you ask yourself ‘Why is facilities management so important?’ remember that the job does more than prevent or solve current issues – it predicts and prepares for what the future holds as well. Facility managers can work with you to make your growth goals a reality by finding the right technology to support your endeavors and make sure it stays operational too.

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