Trends In Facilities Management Sourcing

Trends In Facilities Management Sourcing

Technology will, by design, change and adapt to our needs as time goes on.  You are either a trailblazer or someone who struggles to keep up with the latest innovations and strategies.  Learning about the latest trends in facilities management sourcing will put you ahead of your competitors, reduce your expenses, and improve productivity and experience for both you and your employees.     

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The use of robotics and artificial intelligence is an advanced form of task automation on a computer or mobile device.  But rather than compiling sales data or directing emails, these address physical tasks in the workspace, such as maintenance and repair, to reduce both expenditure and risk.

What This Looks Like

  • Simple tasks.  There are robots capable of fulfilling a single, repetitive task such as sweeping, scrubbing, and drying on the market already.  Right now there are machines in development for more complex tasks such as power washing.  This remote management technology has the potential to provide us with management information as a part of the Internet of Things.
  • Hazard reduction.  Robotic machines are already being utilized for cleaning an HVAC system and security patrol.  Anything that can reduce exposure to safety hazards is always worth considering. 
  • Data-driven operations.  Artificial intelligence is capable of building operations such as monitoring energy usage and optimizing an HVAC system.  They are also able to predict facility cleaning needs and perform equipment analysis.  The data gathered can be used to find trends that will indicate when parts of the building need cleaning, or when equipment is in need of replacement or repair.  This saves a great deal of both time and money, as you will never be caught off guard by a sudden outage and can use this data to inform your budget.

Facilities Management Sourcing

A Healthier, Happier Work Culture

Corporate culture is shifting further and further away from the traditional office setting in favor of creating a workspace that prioritizes employee satisfaction and well-being.  Workplace strategies that provide a comfortable and visually appealing environment leads to increased employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

What This Looks Like

  • Options for coworking spaces and cubicles.  Coworking spaces themselves are a growing trend, but not everyone works well in an open environment.  A mixed space allows employees to work in the office setting that best supports their talents and accommodates their preferences.
  • Implementing wellness programs.  Many companies have taken to offering yoga, meditation, and rooms for napping.  These programs not only help people stay physically healthier, thus reducing absences due to sickness, they also have the added benefit of improving focus, memory, and mood.  
  • Improving the physical space.  An office layout may look professional, but that does not mean it is ergonomic.  Providing furniture such as sit-to-stand desks and better lighting will make the office much more physically comfortable.  Comfort and efficiency go hand in hand.  


The word alone was once heavily stigmatized, the practice itself even more so.  In recent years many industries have embraced outsourcing as a cost-effective measure.  However the primary focus is no longer about saving money, but saving in-house teams the time and energy they would have otherwise spent on non-essential tasks.  

What This Looks Like

  • Industry-based implementation.  The services that are outsourced will vary by industry.  Depending on the industry being looked at there may be a preference for outsourcing soft tasks or hard tasks, a balance of insourcing and outsourcing, or outsourcing facility management in its entirety.
  • Satisfied customers, satisfied employees.  There is a never-ending pressure on businesses to provide more and more for their customers and to do it better and better.  Improving or expanding core services will usually come at the expense of their non-core budget, including their non-core facilities management budget.  Yet that budget is what is necessary for employees to stay engaged in order to keep up with the growing demands.  When outsourcing becomes a part of facilities management sourcing, employees are able to give customers exactly what they want in a workplace where they feel valued and supported.      

Integrated Services

Property management was once restricted by geographic location and involved multiple partners.  Real estate, facilities, and production management services can instead be combined for consistency and quicker decision-making.

What This Looks Like

  • Better project management.  When real estate, facilities, and production project management are handled through a single partner instead of one for each service you are able to expect the same level of quality for each area managed.  Having a single point of control also makes your expenses easier to predict and calculate.
  • Portfolio visibility.  When everyone has access to the same information your provider will know about your operations and goals, and will be able to make better decisions based on the effect it will have on your company as a whole.  This includes things such as advice on a lease and developing workplace strategies for improved performance.  They are also more equipped to identify potential risks and address them right away.    

Plan for the Future

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