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The Benefits Of Automated Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring Systems

Refrigeration temperature monitoring is a critical part of your food safety program. Traditionally, it’s a very manual process of continually checking your refrigeration equipment, logging data, and managing service schedules. While necessary, the process is labor-intensive and expensive. 

Now, refrigeration temperature monitoring technology exists to automate the entire process, from start to finish. If you’re looking for an innovative solution for your food safety program, it’s time to explore refrigeration sensors!

How Automated Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring Works


An automated refrigeration temperature monitoring system uses a cellular gateway and sensor node. Like many other wireless devices in our work and personal lives, it creates a wireless network that gathers data from the sensors and stores it in the cloud. 

The data is typically pulled every few minutes, and technicians and facility managers can access the data from any mobile or desktop device. 

Sensor nodes can be either wired or battery operated, and can be placed inside or outside of the equipment depending on what’s being monitored. The most common functions to monitor include temperature, humidity, water leak, power outages, tank liquid level, and door ajar. 

Benefits Of Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

The main advantage of these systems is the automation. The health status of your refrigeration system is monitored in real-time, allowing you to practice condition-based maintenance. Instead of waiting for something to break (reactive maintenance), or paying for potentially unnecessary service calls (preventative maintenance), condition-based maintenance is the perfect alternative for smart facility managers that want to save time and money. 

Other benefits include:

  • Scalability – Gateways can monitor up to 50 sensors, allowing you to monitor a few pieces of equipment, or a lot. Because data is stored in the cloud, you can easily monitor equipment in multiple locations as well. 
  • Automatic Alerts – Set up email, voice, or text alerts to get real-time status updates on your equipment. When it comes to refrigeration equipment, fluctuations in temperature or humidity can have detrimental effects on your products and consumer safety. With automated monitoring and alerts, you no longer have to have a technician onsite round the clock. 
  • Comprehensive Reports – Custom, timestamped reports can be generated to show the status of your equipment over a certain timeframe. Logging this data over time can help facility managers and technicians plan for maintenance, upgrades, and replacement. 
  • HACCP Compatible – The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Working Group provides principles and critical control points regarding the microbiological safety of foods. Facility managers and technicians must be familiar with these principles when operating refrigeration equipment that is used to store food, and they should look for refrigeration temperature monitoring systems that are compatible with HACCP for best results. 
  • Trillium Facility Solutions Transforms Your Refrigeration Maintenance Strategy

As a full-service facility management provider, our vision is simple: to make your job EASY. Facility managers are busy, and if you have facilities full of refrigeration equipment that has to be monitored around the clock, your job is even more stressful.

Implementing an automated refrigeration temperature monitoring system saves you time and money. It eliminates the manual monitoring and tedious data logging, and allows you to practice condition-based maintenance based on the actual performance of your equipment, rather than a date on the calendar.

Find out how we can help transform your refrigeration maintenance strategy. Get in touch with any of our amazing team members who are standing by ready to serve! Call (844) 344-3433 to learn more.

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