Service Work Order Software

There exists software for almost every purpose imaginable.  Just about anything that was once done manually, from crunching numbers and balancing budgets to compiling data and generating reports, can be done digitally.  Those in the field service industry are no doubt familiar with the frustrations of completing paperwork the old-fashioned way.  But now that over half of all companies are using software and other computerized technology to streamline their maintenance management with service work order software, it is time for the other half to catch up.

Service Work Order Software-Defined

Service work order software is used to manage work orders for technicians.  This specialized software can track work orders from the second they are received until the very moment of completion.  Further, it keeps everything organized in one single dashboard.  No time is ever wasted trying to find the right reports or files when everything is so easily accessible from a centralized location.  Having access to the right service work order software makes it easier to remain confident in your field team’s capabilities and productivity.

They can be broken down into field management systems (FMS) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).  While they are often used interchangeably, the primary difference can be found in the size of the intended customer’s company and location of their workers.  CMMS are generally more beneficial to large businesses while FMS are generally more beneficial to businesses with field workers operating in multiple areas.  

Service Work Order Software

How It Can Help

Service work order software is there to simplify every aspect of a work order from start to finish.  It is able to create work orders, assign them to a specific member of your team, as well as track their progress.  Most will update their status in real time, making the tracking process even simpler for management and field workers alike.  Using software life Trillium is far more efficient than trying to assign and track everything manually.  Aside from automated work order management, service work order software is capable of creating detailed reports and analytics.

Different types of service work order software have different functions but there are a few which are fairly universal.  These include:

  • Work order generation.  Work orders can be created based on submitted requests while others accept submissions from customers in the form of email, web form, or through a self-service portal.
  • Scheduling, assigning and dispatching.  Rather than looking through an extensive list of your entire team, the software can match up a work order with the technician who has the right skills for the job.  Technicians can receive notifications through the software telling them when they have been given new assignments, as well as the relevant details.
  • Self-service portals.  Customers and stakeholders can use these for direct communication, playing requests, and to read schedule and repair information.

Considerations When Choosing Service Work Order Software

It goes without saying that you should be mindful of your company’s budget or software’s ease of use before making a financial commitment.  But being able to choose the right service work order software comes down to more than comparing price tags.  Your company’s needs will ultimately determine which software is best for you, but there are a few key features that every company can benefit from.  

Software Integration

As convenient as it would be to have everything in one place, companies are incapable of relying on one single software for everything.  If a malfunction were to occur they would lose all of their most important information.  If your company uses other software for things such as customer relationship management (CRM) or accounting, you should make sure that there will be no compatibility issues with your new software.

Mobile Applications

Your software like Trillium should be accompanied by a mobile app. It helps expedite the invoicing process.  Mobile applications also have the added benefit of being able to share pictures and capture digital signatures.

Find the Service Work Order Software That Best Serves You

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