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Commercial Property Maintenance

Keeping track of your maintenance requirements is a full-time job. At Trillium Facility Solutions, our property maintenance company works with you to track maintenance schedules, plan facility improvements and send experienced, certified professionals to your location. Here are some of the key features of working with our maintenance management team:
  • Convenient communication and work order tracking
  • Emergency repair services
  • Year-round interior and exterior preventative maintenance services
  • Routine cleaning and property operation assistance
  • Flexible services for multi-site businesses
When you discover a leaking pipe, a cracked sidewalk or a compromised air conditioner, submit an instant work order on your smartphone. The Trillium mobile app is an easy system for work order submissions. You’ll set up a mobile account when you work with Trillium Facility Solutions to receive updates about any maintenance service and to create new work orders. One line of communication for all of your various maintenance requests can save you a significant amount of stress. The old system of hiring your own contractors required multiple phone calls and often ended up with mismatched schedules and accidental double-scheduling of maintenance services. Some repairs require multiple contractors to work in a specific sequence, which makes scheduling even more difficult. A professional facility manager can take on those logistic problems.

24/7 Support

Don’t wait until property maintenance issues are an emergency. Submitting emergency work orders is just one of the facilities services offered by Trillium Facility Solutions. We work with you to inspect your facility and create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly repair schedules. Monitoring your parking lot, roof, HVAC system and other systems allows our team to perform preventative maintenance tasks.

Other facility tasks may not be preventative maintenance or emergency repair tasks, but still take a great deal of time for your employees. A property maintenance company can schedule routine lawn care, snow removal, leaf blowing, carpet cleaning and other services.

These tasks can take a significant amount of time and energy to take on. Instead of passing these responsibilities onto your employees or spending time comparing cleaning and lawn service providers in your area, work with a single-source facility maintenance team.

Facility Maintenance Contractors

All of these commercial property services have traditionally been covered by a combination of in-house maintenance staff and hiring professional contractors. This system is outdated and can cost you more time and money. Hiring an in-house maintenance team is a costly investment. Smaller facilities don’t have the funds available for a full-time staff trained in the necessary facility systems.

The natural ebb and flow of maintenance tasks may leave your staff with slow seasons and overwhelming ones when critical repairs are delayed. Hiring your own contractors requires you to interview professionals, accept bids and handle all communication with the contractor.

Benefits of Year-Round Property Maintenance Services

Maintenance is a year-round task. As the seasons change, new tasks seem to spring up year after year. Here are some benefits of choosing a commercial property maintenance team for seasonal tasks:

  • HVAC inspections and repairs
  • Snow removal, lawn care and leaf removal
  • Efficient line of communication
  • Easy facility update planning
  • Safe spaces for employees and clients

Seasonal changes require you to change from air conditioning to heating and back. Don’t wait until the first frost or hot day of the season to inspect your heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Our team at Trillium Facility Solutions schedules annual inspections and efficient startups of industrial HVAC systems.

Just like the system in your home, your commercial furnace and AC require cleaning, replacement filters and routine maintenance to stay safe and efficient.

An HVAC system is just one example of a maintenance service that requires different skills in different seasons. Other systems that may require different maintenance tasks in different times of year are roofing, plumbing, asphalt paving and irrigation.

Your landscaping services also vary considerably as the seasons change. Hiring a lawn care company may only give you partial outdoor maintenance. Be sure you work with a team that’s also equipped to deal with icy sidewalks and snow-covered parking lots. Seasonal landscaping can come from the same team, or it can require calls to several local, experienced companies.

Property Maintenance Company

facility maintenance company connects you to diverse service providers through a single point of communication. This single-source work order strategy not only connects you with professionals in every aspect of facility management, but also reduces the headache of vetting each company and organizing schedules.

Schedule facilities services through the same mobile app. A thriving company needs to make decisions about how to expand and scale. If you’re looking for a new facility, building an addition or moving in new equipment, work with your property management team to bring the project all together.

Prepare your facility for new machinery before it arrives, and ensure your new construction is designed and executed by experts in each field that understand your company.

An outdated facility is a dangerous one. Keep your facility in line with the latest industrial workplace safety standards. A dim light, a leaking fixture or a cracked sidewalk may all seem like minor issues, but they could each cause a serious accident. A safe space reduces the risk of injury and costly medical and legal fees for you and your employees.

How To Compare Service Providers

Don’t spend valuable time and resources taking bids and communicating with every subcontractor required to maintain your property. Instead, find out how to find the right property maintenance company for your industry and specific situation. Here are some key qualities to compare when interviewing facility managers:

  • Timely, friendly communication
  • Emergency service availability
  • Access to licensed professionals
  • Affordable services

Make a single call or mobile app work order to instantly connect you with a full team of professionals. This can only happen with a team of staff that are on the same page, rowing in the same direction. Our team at Trillium shares resources, information and experience to ensure you receive 24/7/365 support for any emergency or routine property issue.

Ask facility management teams about their availability for emergency repairs or any questions. Some companies offer affordable rates for routine maintenance but are unwilling to take on emergency services. This is a critical part of any facility maintenance service plan.

Even the best cleaning and servicing routines can still allow an unexpected issue to halt your production line or create an unsafe working area.

Invest in professionals who are licensed, certified and experienced in the required task. Ask your chosen team if they use licensed professionals or a generalist repair staff. A handyman may be able to take on a few different projects in household repair, but it takes a team of specialized experts to keep your commercial facility running smoothly.

Finally, request a quote for scheduled inspections, routine maintenance and emergency service calls. Work with an affordable service provider to keep your maintenance costs low and your facility growing. Invest in your facility to improve its energy efficiency, value and production with a qualified management team.

Trillium Facility Solutions Reviews

“I’ve been a partner with Trillium Facilities for over a year now and I really enjoy working with them. From the friendly and courteous staff to the unbelievable communication they have between me and the clients. They really make doing the job easy! Trillium Facilities is an outstanding partner.”

– James Gross All Services Gen Contractor

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