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From interior to exterior and from foundation to rooftop, your business has a multitude of maintenance services needs which may require the facilities services of a professional property maintenance company.

For example, lights might burn out in your business’s roadside sign, your air conditioning system may suddenly seize up, or your bathroom sinks may begin to leak. When you need an exceptional property maintenance company to keep your business safe, functional and looking its best, turn to Trillium Facility Solutions.

We offer specialized building maintenance services and facilities maintenance support for each need your business has, so you know you’re receiving the right expert for any job at hand. We can schedule routine maintenance to catch and prevent catastrophes before they happen, and we also have providers who can respond to emergencies day or night.


Unresolved electrical issues can cause significant damage, such as by igniting a fire, putting at risk your whole property, including any staff and customers present. Even less hazardous electrical problems can pose a real nuisance for your business, such as bringing down your phone system.

With our property maintenance services, our facilities management professionals have the opportunity to spot and address electrical concerns before they get out of hand.

HVAC & Refrigeration

A comfortable temperature creates an inviting place for customers to linger. Sweltering or frigid conditions can drive customers away, which may undermine your business’s revenue. Our property maintenance company offers regular checkups for filter status, debris in the system, refrigerant levels and more, which are essential for avoiding downtime with your HVAC system.


Because plumbing is hidden away, it’s easy to forget about regular maintenance. Likewise, it’s easy to miss when problems begin to arise. However, missing a looming plumbing issue could result in things such as extensive damage to your building or unsanitary sewage overflow.

Apart from costing a lot to fix, a problem with your pipes may make your business less safe and disrupt your normal operations. Before your plumbing becomes a problem, schedule routine facility maintenance checks with our property maintenance company as a preventive measure.

Window Cleaning

While a clear, sparkling window can entice customers into your store with views of your merchandise, a dirty window can do just the opposite. We provide ongoing property maintenance services for windows, on your schedule, so yours always look their best.

Parking Lot & Sidewalk

Weather and vehicles can really wear out parking lots and sidewalks. When your paint fades, we can provide restriping. When potholes and cracks plague you, we can fill and resurface. Beyond the periodic repair needs of your lot, our facilities maintenance company can also sweep and pressure wash on a regular basis to keep your exterior looking as good as your interior.

Snow & Ice Management

In the winter, snow and ice removal become musts. This isn’t only about plowing your driving surfaces and sidewalks but also tasks like removing icicles from your overhangs before they threaten people’s safety. Our fm facility maintenance services even include pre-snow treatments to help your business stay open if our snowplows can’t make it quickly through a storm.

Seasonal Landscaping

Your landscaping needs to be managed during most months throughout the year, and we offer a full suite of services to keep it looking great. Our providers trim, prune or mulch as needed. We can mow, fertilize and aerate your lawn, clean up debris such as leaves and twigs and tend to your flowers. We can even help you design new landscaping.

Qualities to Look for in Property Maintenance Companies

Selecting the right company to manage your property can be challenging when faced with a variety of options. However, we’re able to offer exceptional repair and maintenance services because we possess those essential qualities crucial for a property maintenance company to be successful. These qualities include:


When we take over property management tasks for your business, we become your representatives. That means our staff must conduct themselves with professionalism at every turn, from how they dress to how they interact with customers, workers, and clients.

Property management can be frustrating at times, but our staff rises to the occasion to ensure the best possible results. We routinely go above and beyond when meeting client needs, which is why so many businesses rely on our services.


There’s a very good reason why we offer such a broad range of property maintenance services to our clients. We recognize that all businesses have unique needs, whether you run a restaurant, an office, a medical clinic, a retail store, or another type of enterprise.

By possessing experience and knowledge in multiple areas, we’re equipped to handle even the most complex tasks involving your business’s electrical and plumbing systems. This flexibility allows us to meet the needs of all our clients, regardless of what those needs are. Flexibility also enables us to adapt your current services as new situations arise.


When a business is experienced in a particular field, you can usually expect higher quality work. Trillium Facility Solutions got its start way back in 2002 when our founder began offering lawn maintenance services to his neighbors in Kingspointe, MI. The company grew over time to become the full-service facility/property management company it is today.

While there were definitely obstacles along the way, overcoming these obstacles has allowed us to achieve great things, both for ourselves and for our clients. We use the experience accrued over the last 18 years to develop real solutions to your business’s challenges, whether that involves cleaning, repair, or maintenance.

Organizational Ability

While technical skill and know-how are definitely important when providing building maintenance services, being organized is equally important. Proper organization allows for repair issues to be addressed efficiently and effectively, while also minimizing any disruption to your business while work is ongoing.

While our many years of experience have provided practical lessons, it has also taught us how to approach every job with efficiency in mind to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the services we provide.

Communication Skills

We’re always available if you have questions about the services we provide to your business. We’ll also take the time to explain our processes in detail to you so everyone is on the same page when it comes to property management.

Communication is key in this regard, and we strive to provide clear and concise information to clients on an ongoing basis. Good communication prevents disputes and also ensures you have the right information to make decisions about your business’s property management needs well into the future.

Adoption of New Technology

New technology has changed the world in so many ways, from how we communicate with each other to how we interact with the businesses we patronize. We make sure our staff is up-to-date on the latest technological advances to constantly improve the quality of service we offer.

We accomplish this through ongoing training, which introduces new tools, software, and techniques for maintaining a property to the best of our ability. The world will keep on advancing, and we’ll continue working to be on the cutting edge of the industry so that we can provide the products and services you need to be successful.

Property Maintenance Services

Get in touch with Trillium Facility Solutions today to explore more ways our services can help you maintain your property. Your business deserves the best care in the industry, and you deserve the peace of mind that our property maintenance company offers.


Trillium Facility Solutions Reviews

“I’ve been a partner with Trillium Facilities for over a year now and I really enjoy working with them. From the friendly and courteous staff to the unbelievable communication they have between me and the clients. They really make doing the job easy! Trillium Facilities is an outstanding partner.”
–James Gross All Services Gen Contractor

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