Outsourcing Facilities Management

How Outsourcing Facility Management Works

At its heart, outsourcing facilities management is about saving you time and hassle. Maintenance isn’t part of the facilities services you offer to your customers. Because of this, repairing, maintaining and improving your buildings and properties is typically seen as a chore rather than a critical aspect of your business operations.

This is why working with an expert property maintenance company to remove all the busy work and stress of maintaining and improving your property is crucial. After an initial review of your property and the FM facility maintenance services you desire, facility management company offers a selection of daily tasks, annual inspections and scheduled improvements to your facility. You can choose the specific tasks that you outsource and which ones your in-house maintenance team can cover.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Review the top benefits of working with a facility management service. While you can hire an in-house maintenance team to clean, repair and update your property, these benefits are often unique to partnering with an industry-leading outsourced team.

Flexible Operations

Once you hire an in-house team, it’s difficult to adjust the budget or hours of your maintenance services. Small facilities may not have enough repair concerns to invest in a full team. For larger facilities, a planned improvement may be more than your existing team can handle. Outsourcing allows you to select the services you need, rather than trying to fit your employees’ experiences and time availability to necessary projects.

Long-Term Facility Planning

You may be too busy to consider the long-term plan of your building. Keep your focus on your long-term product and services plan and let Trillium Facility Solutions help with your property. By outsourcing facilities management, you hire a team of experienced professionals who have the farsight necessary to plan ahead for expansions, in-depth cleaning projects and other facility considerations.

Access to Facility Best Practices

Do you know the current best practices in terms of sanitizing, equipment repair and interior design? Our team at Trillium Facility Solutions does. Outsourcing taps the industry expertise of professionals who take on these projects every day. Don’t spend weeks in search of an industry leader for your in-house team, but work with a dedicated, outsourced team.

Questions To Ask Facilities Outsourcing Companies

There are many options available for outsourcing facilities management, so it can be difficult to find the best solution for your business. Here are a few questions to ask a company before accepting their services.

What Are Your Quality Control Solutions?

You have strict KPIs for your products and services, so it’s only natural to look for the same indicators from outsourced facility maintenance services. Ask potential management teams how they can ensure you receive quality services from day to day and from year to year.

How Can I Save Time or Money With Your Services?

Outsourcing facilities management services should improve your bottom line, timetable or both. Be clear about the expectations you have and ask about the benefits of a particular company or service.

Do You Offer One-Time or Recurring Services?

Some outsourcing facilities management teams focus on emergency repairs, renovations and other one-time services, while others focus on daily cleaning and maintenance inspection. Consider the pros and cons of each and work with a team that offers either one-time services, recurring assistance or both to keep your facility maintained.

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