One Vendor And Some Cool FM Software Adds Up To A Lot

One Vendor And Some Cool FM Software Adds Up To A Lot

When your company is ready to outsource tasks you have two options available to you.  The first is the single-vendor approach, in which tasks and projects are transferred to one vendor.  The second is the multi-vendor approach, where different vendors are used for different project areas and facility maintenance tasks such as HVAC, plumbing, and parking lot.  While both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, going through a single vendor for FM software arguably has more pros and fewer cons than working with multiple. 

Reduce Cost

Working with a single vendor is far more cost-effective than working with multiple, for a variety of reasons.  The most obvious is there are fewer entities involved that are doing work for you, so you are only paying for one service with consistent, predictable rates and fees.  Having one vendor also makes it much easier to negotiate the terms of your arrangement, such as establishing discounts and other special benefits.  

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Faster Progress

Using multiple vendors means progress is dependent on how well each entity is able to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate.  This can be particularly harmful to anyone on a tight schedule as it is not uncommon for one team to be incapable of moving forward until another team has finished their job.  Though there is a higher dependence risk with a single vendor, it drops substantially if your vendor has reliable human resources and plenty of experience.  While a lower dependence risk can be more attractive, the level of risk is inconsequential when some teams are more capable and hardworking than others. 

Optimize Workflow

Coordinating with multiple vendors may require you to use up many administrative resources.  The more people involved, the more people whose approval you will be waiting on in order to see progress.  Needing to coordinate with several vendors may also be a symptom of a greater issue such as difficulties with quality control.  One vendor means that communication is streamlined, and far less time and effort will go into coordinating efforts.

Reduce Difficulty

Integration and compatibility issues are not only more likely to be encountered with multiple vendors, but they are also going to cost you additional time and money should they become an issue.  Single vendors, simply by virtue of being only one entity are less likely to experience these issues.  They are also capable of finding effective solutions in a more timely manner should such issues arise.

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