Major Building Maintenance Challenges and Solutions

Major Building Maintenance Challenges and Solutions

Every facility is bound to encounter problems or crises at some point. While efficient and strategic planning can help prevent or mitigate these issues, some elements are simply beyond our control. It is impossible to create a comprehensive list of every challenge which a facility manager might have to resolve, but this list covers some of the most common problems which they face.

General Costs and Additional Expenses

Controlling costs and expenses is not only one of the most common building maintenance concerns, it is also one of the most important. Facility managers need to find creative and effective ways to balance providing quality service while staying within their budget. The key to keeping your finances under control is through carefully considering how you are going to allocate your resources. By being more mindful of your spending you are able to identify the areas which consume more than necessary. More often than not, energy costs are the main culprit. Little things such as unplugging devices when not in use to switching to eco-friendly energy sources are two of many ways you can reduce your energy bills.    

Record Keeping

There is a never-ending amount of information that building and facility managers are responsible for. New data is continuously coming in every single day. It needs to be tracked, analyzed, and recorded properly. These records also need to be easily accessible, so they need to be easy to find. Rather than using papers, folders, and filing cabinets, managers should instead take advantage of facilitating and building maintenance software. Everything becomes streamlined and there is significantly less room for human error.

Emergency Preparedness and Safety Planning

Preparing for an emergency and having a safety plan are two things that every business and facility should do, regardless of their size or industry. What that plan entails is going to vary greatly from each facility, however. ‘Emergency’ is a very broad term that covers a vast range of situations, from flooding to an active shooter on the premises. Natural disasters are going to vary by location too; for example, a facility in the Midwest would not need to develop a plan for a hurricane.  Every location needs to be mindful of any potential critical system failures as well. Critical system failure is defined as any system whose failure can result in injury, death, unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, damage to the area, or a substantial financial loss.

Lengthening Lifespan of Assets

Building managers work hard to keep their facilities up-to-date so they can maintain their comparative advantage in a competitive market. Time will take an inevitable toll on the facility, however, which in turn takes a toll on the systems. Assets become obsolete or defective. Not only is this an inconvenience, but it can also even pose a threat to the building’s structural integrity (i.e. roofing components). Managers can incorporate preventative maintenance or predictive maintenance into their building maintenance strategies. 

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