Key Plumbing Maintenance Considerations

Key Plumbing Maintenance Considerations

More and more we are seeing a gradual shift in the way industrial and commercial facilities structure their plumbing maintenance. These changes are intended to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The key is to choose products based on their maintenance concerns and requirements, so maintenance managers and engineers must be careful when selecting what to install. A solid understanding of common issues in plumbing maintenance and repair can help in the decision-making process. 

Prioritize Compatibility

Compatibility is about more than whether or not something will fit or match the interior design. Compatibility also means the products do not have maintenance requirements that are too demanding on the facility or your budget. What does maintenance entail? Consider your assets and resources, such as manpower and cleaning supplies, to see if there is anything else you will need on hand in order to perform the basic care and keeping of it yourself. How frequently must routine inspection be performed? If the fixture is one that experiences high levels of traffic, chances are inspections should be frequent, so make sure it is worth the expense. How easily can you communicate potential problems to a technician? You will need to understand how the fixtures are built and how they operate if you want to expedite the repair process in the future.

Be Aware of Common Concerns

Strategically placed tools such as flow meters and water pressure gauges are necessary for preventative plumbing maintenance work and troubleshooting. The numbers can be used to indicate when something is about to go wrong, or where an existing issue is located in your plumbing system. Knowing this ahead of time is helpful to the technician. For example, a manual flush toilet valve comprises roughly twenty-five different parts. A malfunctioning valve might make strange sounds, deliver too little or too much water, or result in a flush time that is too long or too short. Some issues can be solved through disassembling and reassembling, others require repair kit installation. Repair kits include a manufacturer’s list of the part numbers, and managers will need to indicate which part is in need of repair when ordering a replacement.

Learn Effective Troubleshooting

Being able to troubleshoot requires you to be familiar with baseline flow readings, as well as monitoring, recording, and comparing them. Whenever these numbers go beyond their normal range your valves and faucets may not perform properly, regardless of their operating condition. Providing your technician with these numbers will save them time that would otherwise be spent looking for the source of the problem. Using standard fixtures reduces inventory of repair kits and parts, requires less time to train technicians and a substantially lower chance of faulty repairs. 

By maintaining communication with plumbing vendors, managers can remain informed on any important changes in the industry such as new recommendations for maintenance procedures, changes in regulations, and developments in plumbing technology.  

Warranties and Guarantees

Products intended for commercial use are more likely to have a shorter warranty than parts intended for home and residential use. Commercial faucets, flush valves, and sinks are generally guaranteed to last one to five years. Their home use counterparts on the other hand are guaranteed to last ten or even twenty years. While the longevity of residential applications is much more attractive, these fixtures often follow a contract separate from those of commercial installations. Warranties and guarantees involve a lot of fine print, all of which should be read thoroughly to ensure you will receive the coverage you need. Unmet warranties and guarantees can lead to costly legal problems so make sure the manufacturer is a reputable one.  

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