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Installation Essentials: The Do’s and Don’ts of Security Doors in Commercial Buildings

As a commercial property manager or owner, the safety and security of the premises is paramount. Ensuring that all entry points are secure is crucial to prevent break-ins and theft, and security doors are vital. However, it’s not just simply installing any door in your building. Certain do’s and don’ts need to be followed for proper installation and usage of security doors. This blog post will review the essential guidelines for installing safety doors in commercial buildings. We’ll also touch upon the importance of commercial door locks in ensuring maximum security.

Commercial Door Locks: The Basics

Before we dive into the installation essentials of security doors, let’s first discuss the importance of commercial door locks. The locks used in commercial doors are usually more complex than residential locks. They are designed to provide maximum security against forced entry and can withstand manipulation attempts such as drilling and picking. The type of lock to be used depends on the level of security required. For instance, a high-security facility might require electromagnetic locks, while a low-security building may be outfitted with simple latch locks.

The Do’s of Installing Security Doors

Here are some essential guidelines to follow while installing security doors in commercial buildings:

Choose the right type of door: There are various types of security doors – such as steel, wood, and aluminum – available in the market. Choose a door that is suitable for your specific requirements.

Install the door correctly: The door frame should be securely anchored to the wall to prevent it from being kicked in. Also, ensure that the hinges and door jamb are installed correctly.

Use the right hardware: Use heavy-duty door hardware to withstand wear and tear.

Test the door: Before considering the installation complete, test its performance by opening and closing it several times. It should open and close smoothly without any resistance.

The Don’ts of Installing Security Doors

Here are some unwise practices to avoid while installing security doors:

Don’t compromise on quality: Cutting corners on the quality of the door can leave your facility vulnerable to break-ins. Invest in high-quality security doors that can withstand tampering.

Don’t ignore the importance of locks: Choosing the right commercial door locks is just as crucial as the door itself. Invest in premium-grade locks to maximize security.

Trillium Mobile App

With the Trillium mobile app available on iOS and Android, commercial property managers and owners can monitor their facilities’ doors from the comfort of their homes. This app lets users monitor the doors’ work order status, status changes, and activity logs. It provides additional visibility for your facility, and we highly recommend it!

The security of your commercial building is of prime importance, and security doors play a crucial role in ensuring safety. By following the guidelines mentioned in this blog post, you can ensure that your doors are installed correctly and provide maximum security to your premises. Always invest in high-quality security doors and commercial door locks, and use the Trillium mobile app for added control over your facility. With these precautions, you can keep your facility safe and secure.

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