Facilities Maintenance for Childcare Centers

Professional facilities maintenance provides long-term service to help maintain a building inside and out. When working with management or business owners, a facilities maintenance team considers the big picture and overall goals for the businesses they serve. Facilities operations and maintenance include a broad range of services performed by professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a property correctly.

Facilities management and maintenance services offer businesses many benefits, such as improving the health and safety of the physical environment for those who work or use the building. Proper maintenance also increases the lifecycle of a facility’s assets, such as an HVAC system, carpeting, roof, and more. Other benefits include increasing cost-efficiency and achieving regulatory compliance. 

Why Facility Maintenance is Important for Childcare Centers

Childcare centers need facilities maintenance to help keep their spaces in ideal operating condition. Through routine and scheduled maintenance, childcare centers can present a well-maintained facility, create a safe working environment for staff, and, most importantly, a safe space for the children spending time in the center.

Childcare center directors understand that maintenance of facilities inside and out is critical. Proper care of facilities is essential for the safety and comfort of the children, the trust and confidence of parents, and the safety of your staff. Childcare center management and teams are focused on the children and parents, leaving little time for building maintenance and deep cleaning inside the facility. A childcare center must also care for the outside environment for optimal facility presentation to impress visitors. 

Hiring a professional facilities maintenance service can help you manage the big picture and forward-looking vision of your childcare center by helping you provide the cleanest, safest, best-looking facility in town. Perception matters when it comes to daycares and other childcare facilities. The cleanliness of your facility, carpets, floors, windows, and the condition of the bathrooms and kitchen are crucial to the sustainability of your business. Also, upkeep for the outside of a facility is vital. From the parking lot to the playground, maintenance can make a big difference for families when they decide which childcare center to trust with the care of their children. 

Current trends in childcare show an increased demand for childcare services, along with more stringent health and safety regulations. Childcare licensing requirements regulate the safety of the building, including cleanliness and timely repairs. Professional facilities maintenance can help childcare centers comply with state and local requirements. Health and safety provisions add more tasks to an extensive daily to-do list for teachers and other staff. Establishing a facilities maintenance plan can help reduce the stress on childcare staff, allowing them to focus more on the center’s children and parents.

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Repair and Maintenance 

Repair and maintenance are necessary inside and outside a childcare center. External maintenance is essential for creating a positive first and ongoing impression for parents and prospective families. External care for a facility includes cleaning the building exterior, windows, and parking lot, regular roof checks, and landscaping needs around the building. Internal maintenance concerns include pest control, electrical appliances, HVAC system checks and service, bathroom maintenance, and more. 

Cleaning and sanitizing are part of a daily routine for childcare staff. However, regular deep cleaning and sanitization are crucial to creating safe, secure environment parents can trust. Facilities maintenance teams understand the importance of this added pressure and can add these deep cleaning services into a facilities maintenance program.

Focus on the Families

Finding ad using a professional facilities maintenance service takes many time-consuming tasks off the shoulders of a busy childcare center director. Center directors and staff want to focus on the children and families they serve. Establishing services with a professional facilities maintenance team takes the pressure off when unscheduled maintenance is needed too. Maintenance teams are happy to come to assist when unexpected problems arise. Establishing a long-term facilities plan with a facilities maintenance team instills confidence in your current and potential clients as they see the team coming and going to keep your facility in the safest, cleanest condition possible.

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