Facilities Maintenance for Convenience Stores

Trillium Facility Solutions is a facility management company perfectly equipped to help convenience stores stay in optimal condition. High-traffic convenience store locations experience a lot of wear and tear on both equipment and facilities, so we offer services from plumbing to electrical to general maintenance and even seasonal landscaping. 

Often, competing convenience store chains have locations right next to or across the street from each other. In such cases, the deciding factor for many potential customers usually comes down to which facility is better maintained for efficiency and appears in better condition. 

Plumbing services 

Plumbing is an integral part of a functioning facility. Plumbing issues can range from a mild inconvenience to a severe health and safety hazard. The longer plumbing issues go unaddressed, the more likely the building will sustain water damage. 

Trillium knows how severe the results of a plumbing problem can be, especially to high-traffic restrooms, so our expert team of plumbing service partners work diligently to stop plumbing problems before they happen and have the experience to fix problems when they do arise. 

Our plumbing providers check access pipes for leaks, monitor the facility’s water pressure, the drains and drain systems, clean sediment from the faucets, and more. If at any time during an inspection, they find that the facility has a plumbing issue, they will take care of it as soon as possible to prevent the situation from worsening or causing any additional problems. 


Having a convenience store’s HVAC system go out creates an uncomfortable environment but there are often worse result, too. Without routine maintenance and inspections, your HVAC system may break down at an unexpected moment. If you aren’t prepared for this, it could lead to significant and unwanted consequences. 

If a building’s temperature is too high or too low, customers will be less comfortable and less willing to spend time (and money!) in your shop. If your HVAC system goes down, it could also negatively affect your non-refrigerated products – since they also have an ideal temperature range. 

Trillium offers round-the-clock support to members of our network, because there’s no way to control when your HVAC system goes out. Getting your heating and cooling system up and running again is vital to keeping your customers happy. When you contact our call center for support, we send help immediately, because we understand the importance of convenience store facility services.

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Refrigeration equipment

Most convenience stores have a sizable refrigerated section. If your location’s cooler units break down, the product within it will soon expire due to improper temperature regulation. Once your refrigeration system fails, it’s vital to get it fixed immediately. It can cost quite a bit to replace expired products – much more than regular maintenance and repair on your refrigeration units. 

Trillium will dispatch someone to fix your refrigeration problem as soon as possible to maximize the chances you can save your refrigerated products. We allow members of our network to submit orders at any time of the day or night, and we will send the nearest service provider to resolve the issue immediately. 

Parking lot services

While the maintenance and upkeep of your location’s interior is essential, it won’t matter if you can’t get customers in the door. The exterior of your building gives potential customers their first impression of your business, so keeping it in good condition is important. 

Trillium offers facility parking lot and sidewalk maintenance, which can make a surprising difference. Considering the year-round wear and tear that your facility’s parking lot and sidewalks undergo, year-round ongoing care, maintenance, and snow removal are vital to combat that and uphold a decent outer appearance. 

Handyman or general services

Burnt-out lightbulbs, messed-up door handles, and broken stair railings may seem like minor inconveniences on their own, but they can add up to make your facility seem dirty and run-down. Not only that, but they could pose a risk to those working or shopping inside the building. That’s why Trillium offers comprehensive facility maintenance management designed to meet your business’s needs without breaking the bank. 

When things go wrong, sometimes you just need a handyman to fix it before it gets worse. 

Door repair and replacement

You can’t make sales if your customers can’t get in the door. Glass door replacement and repair can’t wait. When your facility’s door malfunctions, it may literally keep your customers from shopping with you. That being said, glass doors and automated doors aren’t easy for just any average person to fix. It’s a process that’s best left to professionals. Fortunately, Trillium is here to help. 

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24/7 convenience stores need facility maintenance that’s available 24/7. That’s why Trillium is available for you to make a service request anytime, day or night. Trillium is here to help no matter what facility maintenance you need. 

Trillium provides the simplest way to order plumbing, electrical, HVAC, handyman, and other services – nationwide. With the Trillium platform, facilities services have never been easier!

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