How To Keep Track Of Building Maintenance Work Orders

How To Keep Track Of Building Maintenance Work Orders

A malfunction or breakdown in the workplace can be a frustrating thing to deal with. Perhaps even more frustrating is having the situation addressed so operations can resume as normal. Prioritizing and managing building maintenance work orders requires a lot of effort, and it’s hard to do without an efficient and sustainable system in place. Establishing a good system, however, is not nearly as time-consuming or tedious, and it will save you a great deal of time and frustration in the future.  

Formally Submit All Requests 

Maintenance issues can be discussed informal meetings, during informal conversations, requested through email, or even an old-fashioned handwritten note. Unless these are all accompanied by a formal submission it is unlikely that they will be finished in a timely manner though. Formal submissions allow you to establish a deadline, outline the specific tasks, and ensure that your building maintenance workers are assigned to the most capable and qualified person for the job. 

Keep Work Orders In One Place

Centralizing and streamlining the way you manage your work orders makes it easier to keep track of them to monitor their progress. It also makes it easier for you to access previous work orders in case there were any issues in the way it was handled, or to look for any patterns such as frequency of malfunction. Some people choose to do so through physical forms like spreadsheets, while others use specialized software meant for tracking building maintenance work orders.

Use Schedule Management Tools

It’s one thing to establish the deadline, but making sure that it is actually met is an entirely separate endeavor. Scheduling management tools not only create timelines to help everyone stay on track, they also prevent issues such as overscheduling. Most tools are available on mobile apps or as a feature in facility maintenance software.

Use Facility Maintenance Software

Facility maintenance software does much more than schedule your building maintenance work orders. They allow for direct communication so you never need to worry about important messages getting lost in your inbox and physical documents being misplaced or discarded. They organize all of your work orders and give you updates on each task in real-time. Best of all, they can be accessed from multiple devices -not just computers- so you can receive updates anytime, anywhere.

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