How to Choose a Facility Cleaning Software

How to Choose a Facility Cleaning Software

The global commercial cleaning services market is growing rapidly and is expected to continue. This industry growth creates an increased need for facility managers to find software solutions specific to the facilities sector, including facility cleaning.

Facility Cleaning

A place or property used for a particular function is considered a facility. Facilities can include hospitals, homes, office buildings, schools, churches, and other properties used for specific commercial or private uses. Facility cleaning is a specialized cleaning service for these properties. Facility cleaning is a broad term that may include office cleaning, hospital cleaning, residential cleaning, and many other standard terms for cleaning services. This service is often scheduled and managed by a facilities manager.

Facilities managers are also responsible for facilities maintenance. Although a different focus than cleaning, facility maintenance and facility cleaning tasks often overlap in some areas.

Importance of Creating a Clean Environment

Global events in recent years have elevated the importance of facility cleaning services. Cleaning is no longer only about appearance, and communities no longer overlook unkempt establishments. Cleanliness is now almost synonymous with safety. 

Creating a clean environment can help prevent germs from spreading. Although hand washing hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of germs, regular cleaning of doorknobs and high touch surfaces is also an effective way to help prevent the rapid spreading of germs. 

In addition, a clean environment can reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace, at home, or anywhere people go. Facilities managers are budgeting more for cleaning services. Cleaning will remain a big priority due to a big focus on maintaining a healthy, sanitary space for employees and customers.

Do You Need Facility Cleaning Software?

Many business owners consider using general software systems that advertise how well they can handle “all your small business needs.” However, facility management software is designed specifically for those in the facility management or facility cleaning business and developed to help you optimize cleaning, repair, and maintenance systems. 

Traditionally, busy facilities managers manage work orders using paper, emails, sticky notes, spreadsheets, or anything within reach. With facilities cleaning software, you can utilize a web-based dashboard where everything you need is streamlined. Most importantly, this web-based dashboard is accessible via a login from any internet device you have on hand. Usable on the go, you become more mobile, no longer confined to your office for hours of paperwork.

Maintaining a cleaning protocol for your customers is the only way to consistently provide clean spaces in the facilities you serve. A facility cleaning software can help you manage your business, from work orders to schedules. Choosing to use facility cleaning software will depend on several factors, including your budget and the specific needs of your business.

What to Look for When Choosing Facility Cleaning Software.

When choosing software, look for key features that will serve you well. 

Some features to look for include:

  • Scalability: Choosing a system that can grow with you will help you maintain consistent productivity.
  • User Friendly: Complicated software can be frustrating. Request free demos to see if the software is simple to use.
  • Customer Support: Many software options come with customer support. Find out what type of support you can expect from the software you choose.
  • Work Orders: a system that helps you manage multiple work orders is essential.

Trillium Software

We hope you will consider Trillium if you are searching for facilities cleaning software. A unique feature of Trillium is how we function as your facility department. We offer software and a team of experts to help you streamline and simplify facility management to one platform. Our trained staff specializes in every aspect of facility management. We pride ourselves on being a software and people solution for facility maintenance.

With Trillium, you can dispatch and view work orders from anywhere in the world 24/7 through a user-friendly dashboard. We also have a mobile app giving you total control of your business while the Trillium team tracks, manages, and responds to your work orders. 

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