How Retail Remodeling Companies Improve Customer Experience

In the competitive world of retail, “keeping up with the Joneses” is a necessary evil if you want to keep customers happy. Whether a new competitor on the block just moved in, or your dated fixtures and decor are screaming for a refresh, retail remodeling companies can give you space a makeover and help you improve customer experience. 

What Retail Remodeling Companies Do 

Everything! From resets and fixture replacements to knocking down walls for a total overhaul, retail remodeling companies can handle any improvement in your store. 

Some common retail remodeling projects include:

  • Retail Reset –  Retail resets are commonly done seasonally as merchandise changes, rearranging fixtures and displays to move products around and keep things fresh for customers. 
  • Store Openings/Closings – Retail remodeling companies prepare new stores to open, and can also break down fixtures and remove branding from stores that are closing. 
  • Store Expansion/Downsizes – If you’re expanding your space or downsizing, retail remodeling companies ensure the design and flow of the final space is cohesive. 
  • Shop-in-Shop – If your line of products is going into a larger retail store, retail remodeling companies can create a dedicated, branded space to set your products apart. 
  • Sign/Banner Updates – Updating your store’s interior and exterior signs and banners is a quick and easy way to give your space a facelift.
  • Store Build-Outs – If you’re leasing a new store, retail remodeling companies can make the space ready for you to move in (flooring, paint, fixtures, shelves, checkouts, lights, branding, AV equipment, etc).
  • Fixture Changes & Installation – Dated racks, stands, shelves and other fixtures reflect poorly on your brand and don’t highlight your products well. A retail remodeling company can change out old fixtures and install new ones as you add product. 
  • Multi-Store Remodeling – For chains and franchises, a retail remodeling company can replicate changes across multiple locations for a consistent brand representation. 
  • General Remodeling – All general remodeling and design tasks, including paint/wallpaper, flooring, windows, furniture, fixtures, lighting, reconfiguring interior spaces, etc.

Can Your Retail Building Be Remodeled? 

Whether you own your building or lease it, it’s important to know what you can – and can’t – do before you start knocking down walls. If you lease the space, check your lease and talk to your landlord. If you own the space, consider the personal liability – just like a remodel in your own home. 

In either case, there may be limitations or design guidelines imposed by the city (i.e. historic downtowns) or brand standards imposed by a retail conglomerate (i.e. malls). There will be permits to research and pull and contractors to manage. 

This is when it pays to partner with a facilities management company that can pair you with a reputable retail remodeling company.

Retail Remodeling Project Management From Trillium 

Naturally, any type of remodeling project is going to cause a temporary disruption at your store. You want the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. You want a reliable and experienced retail remodeling company that understands the pressures a store owner faces during construction. 

At the same time, you don’t want the hassle of managing multiple vendors and overseeing the work; you still have customers to attend to! 

Trillium Facility Solutions has a nationwide network of retail remodeling companies that we trust to handle our customers’ store improvements. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you: vetting contractors, negotiating pricing, and establishing processes — so you don’t have to. 

When you partner with Trillium for your retail remodeling project, we manage all the logistics, including communication, scheduling, reporting, budgeting, and materials management to keep the job on track. The result is a better shopping experience and ultimately an increase in revenue from happy customers

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