How Often Should Commercial HVAC Units Be Serviced?

How Often Should Commercial HVAC Units Be Serviced?

A Commercial HVAC maintenance plan is necessary if you want your HVAC system to function at optimal capacity, remain cost-efficient, and create a suitable atmosphere for everyone in the building. HVAC units consist of three distinct systems, all of which have their own unique requirements for proper commercial HVAC maintenance in addition to the unit itself.

Air Conditioning Units

An air conditioning unit should be maintenanced at least once every year. Your HVAC maintenance plan should also include regular checks in and routing cleaning. The average lifespan for a commercial air conditioning unit is fifteen to twenty years. Proper commercial HVAC maintenance prevents you from having to spend extra money on repairs and replacement. It is also important to consider the environment that you are providing the guests in your building. AC keeps it nice and comfortable which leads to happier workers and an overall better impression on your guests.

Heating System

HVAC systems use one of two different mechanisms for heating, a furnace or heat pump. Furnaces generate heat from a fuel source, and heat pumps use electricity and refrigerant to transfer air into the building from outside. Heat pumps can also create cool air, so they are technically air conditioners, but in an HVAC system ‘heat pump’ refers to the system that provides heat.

Furnaces should be serviced at the beginning of each heating season, which varies by location and repeated at the mid-year point for optimal maintenance. This keeps the ducts clean and clear of dirt and dust which would otherwise be distributed throughout your property. A commercial HVAC furnace will last you at least twenty years. 

Heat pumps only need to be serviced once every year. However, if the heat pump is the primary heating and cooling system, rather than a complementary heating unit, commercial HVAC service should be performed twice each year- once in the spring and once in the autumn. Commercial heat pumps have a fifteen-year lifespan. 

Ventilation System

We are not as aware of the immediate benefits from the ventilation system, because we tend to conflate it with the air conditioning. The ‘V’ in HVAC is often forgotten about as a result. The two systems perform very different functions; the AC unit helps regulate the temperature whereas ventilation regulates humidity and maintains air quality. It protects you and your guests from mold spores and other contaminants in the air. While an air conditioning system can be turned on and off as needed the ventilation system is always running so it requires more frequent attention. The air filters in your commercial HVAC system should be checked every two months and replaced when necessary.

Full Maintenance

No matter the state of the three different components you will need to perform routine commercial HVAC maintenance. Newer systems require full maintenance once every year or every other year, in either the spring or autumn. Older systems need to be fully serviced twice each year, once in the spring and angina in autumn. In addition to full maintenance work, your commercial HVAC maintenance plan should include periodic inspections four times each year.

You can expect lower energy costs by optimizing the HVCA performance, preventing future issues, and ensuring its longevity. More importantly, neglecting to follow an HVAC maintenance plan can lead to serious safety hazards such as poor air quality, carbon monoxide poisoning, mold growth, and fire.


Commercial HVAC service is much more than just common sense – it is a requirement to keep both your building and your guests healthy. If you are behind on your HVAC maintenance or do not yet have a commercial HVAC maintenance plan, contact a professional today!

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