Hope Exists in the Storm

The fact that you are taking minutes out of your life to read this means the world to me. Truthfully, I’ve been putting off writing a blog…for years. I kept putting it off because I had more “noble” ideas of what it means to grow a facilities management business like sales and service. The fact is, sales and service is fun – but people by from people.

People buy from others they trust or have in some way connected through a piece of content, a post, or some other message. We’re more than buyers and sellers, we’re people…first. It doesn’t if you’re in facilities management or facilities maintenance, or whatever you want to call “getting things fixed”, the fact is we are people who simply desire to go home to their loved ones after working with team-members and vendors they can trust.

So here we are. You and me. First blog post during one of the craziest times in our world with Coronavirus (Covid19). People are panicked, companies are closing down, uncertainty and fear are rampant.

In our industry, restaurant facility managers and their teams are getting smashed, retail facilities are closing, malls are closing, and many others – all to help stop the spread of this disease.

Yet we blog on. We work on. We love on. We continue on in our hopes and dreams even through the uncertainty. We chose to love our families well and lean on each other in the business community during this time because our heart beats for better days ahead.

So whether you are a facility manager, executive, entrepreneur, facility maintenance technician, janitor, procurement – whatever your “role”, remember this one thing: You can be a carrier of infectious hope. Words have the power of life and death and I believe it is in you to infect the world with something much greater than the fear and uncertainty we are seeing now.

Hope is alive.


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