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Facility Maintenance Software

The Easiest To Order Facility Services

The Trillium facilities maintenance software is designed to simplify the facilities management process for you by providing one easy-to-use platform to submit and track your work orders. You order the services and we handle the rest!


The TrilliumApp

In our continuous commitment to providing you with the best facility management solutions, we have developed a cutting-edge mobile app that will empower operators and facility managers like never before. With the Trillium Mobile App, you can now seamlessly order services on the go, making facility management more efficient and convenient than ever.

Our Solution

Our Facility Services

Trillium Facility Solutions has been providing facilities management services to multi-site facilities, restaurants, and convenience stores throughout the U.S. for over a decade. Contact us today to work out a comprehensive, cost-effective and efficient plan that meets all your needs.


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Trillium provides the simplest way to order plumbing, electrical, HVAC, handyman, and other services – nationwide. With the Trillium platform, facilities services have never been easier!

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