Where It Began

The Trillium Facility Solutions dream began over a decade ago when, Zoran Ploscar, then 16 years old, began mowing lawns in his neighborhood. After realizing he was able to make more money cutting grass than working for his retail employer, he went on create his own business. The child of parents who overcame tremendous risk and adversity fleeing from then communist Romania in the late 80s, Zoran’s tolerance for risk and pursuing a big vision was ingrained in his DNA.  So then began pursuit of the entrepreneurial path.

The Past


Zoran begins marketing lawn  services to his subdivision Kingspointe, located in Macomb County Michigan. The name “Kingspointe Quality Lawn Care” was established to identify the sole proprietorship and present a professional image. Equipment is borrowed from parents and ultimately, destroyed.


With a growing list of customers and purchasing a lawn-mowing route from a friendly competitor, the small company incorporates with the State of Michigan as Kingspointe Services, Inc. Zoran continues mowing lawns after school and providing extra landscaping services to clients on weekends.


The volume of accounts grows and Kingspointe begins to hire it’s first employees. Business phrases like “efficiency and productivity” weren’t discussed as much as what’s happening later that night with a rag-tag group of college kids focused on “quality”. Ultimately, the HR strategy was revamped.


As the commercial client list begins to grow, the company purchases it’s first plow truck to add snow plowing to it’s service menu. To salt parking lots and sidewalks, Zoran uses a push spreader to distribute salt, while the competitor next door used a tailgate spreader and laughs. This company was literally built by blood, sweat, tears, and in this case-salt.

Moved into it’s new headquarters sub-leasing from Morley Candy Makers, Inc. The location was centrally located to service a wider geographic area spanning several counties.

2006 – 2007

While attending college at Walsh College in Troy MI, Zoran and fiancee Katie worked tirelessly to manage both endeavors of getting an education and growing Kingspointe. During this period, Kingspointe experienced steady growth, adding employees and equipment to service the busy market.  Major brands such as Wal-mart, FedEx, Real Estate One, and Aldi were added to the client portfolio.


This year proved to be the most difficult year in Kingspointe’s history economically and personally. The downturn in the housing market and financial collapse in the Great Recession created a large drop in residental services as customers cut luxuries like grass cutting and landscaping for their homes. In addition, Kingspointe lost a team-member, Francisco Prado to leukemia at the age of 25. Frank was an unbelievable person, was loved by clients and team-members and will be forever missed.


As the financial collapse continued, Kingspointe continued to push forward and service it’s client base. Cash-flow was extremely tight and if it wasn’t for the commercial portfolio, the company would have went bankrupt. Management with-held their paychecks so that employees could be paid on time. One of the greatest accomplishments is that Kingspointe never late or missed payroll for the field staff.


All remaining residential portfolio accounts were sold to focus solely on commercial. At this point, Kingspointe was primarily a commercial-focused with condo and homeowners associations, professional, retail, and other commercial properties as the primary customer base.

The conclusion of the year proved to be challenging as all field staff were informed there would be no 2011 for them at the company due to a change in company direction. This was the most difficult decision to make as their hard work in the field was one of the greatest factors of the company’s success.


This year marked a new strategy for Kingspointe as a self-performed contractor to a facility manager of exterior services and interior services which included building repairs and janitorial. The spin-off was re-branded as Kingspointe Facility Management, Inc. and entered into a completely the new strategy of facilities management.


For a decade, Kingspointe saw tremendous growth and equally, tremendous change. President Zoran Ploscar decided the time was right to sell the company. In order to preserve the quality client’s received for years, the company was sold to a contract partner who was familiar with Kingspointe’s client expectations.

The Present


Trillium Services Companies LLC is formed to operate Trillium Facility Solutions, a provider of facility solutions for clients with geographically dispersed properties. With over a decade of experience servicing properties, our industry experience and passion will help guide the organization into the next decade of service and make a significant impact in the lives of many people.