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Enjoy comprehensive support for your facility by working with the skilled team of professionals at Trillium Facility Solutions. Take advantage of our expert facilities services and improve operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact and reduce the need for facilities maintenance and repair tasks. Keep your facility operating at peak efficiency with our intuitive facilities management software and highly skilled team.

FM Services

At its heart, facility management is a compelling way to get the most from your facility. By outsourcing your management needs to a facility management company, you can focus on providing excellent products and services to compete in your industry and Trillium Facility Solutions makes sure no facility maintenance issues slow you down.

Facility issues can be very basic, such as landscaping issues or tripped circuits. They can also be more complex, like inefficient storage systems, outdated security methods or hazardous automation. This wide range of tasks requires expertise in a variety of trades, so it’s important to work with a team of professionals that cover a host of trades.

At Trillium Facility Solutions, we take your facility to the next level. We create a comprehensive plan of action to maintain your facility and recommend improvements. Here are just a few ways we can update your facility to improve your bottom line:

  • Confirm compliance with safety standards
  • Update security systems
  • Review environmental impact and energy efficiency
  • Compile a list of maintenance tasks

A Skilled Team of Professionals

We work with a team of experts in various industries to ensure facility management tasks and building maintenance services are achieved safely and effectively. Our goal is to create a full-service model that puts you in control of your facility. Instead of juggling schedules, researching contractors and working with dozens of professionals to manage your property, work with a single representative and our intuitive software.

This allows you to concentrate on what matters most. We handle the time-consuming process of vetting contractors in multiple trades to ensure that only the best, most qualified professionals in the area are working on your facility.

Multi-Site Convenience and Protection

Trillium Facility Solutions offers multi-site management for commercial and industrial applications. Whether you have a chain of local restaurants or a storefront, warehouse and production facility in separate locations, work with a single team to manage all your physical assets.

As the Internet of Things, changing real estate models and environmental impact become more important, it’s essential to have a qualified management team for all your sites. Keep your security, asset tracking and inventory systems all on the same page with our full-service support.

Trillium’s single management system keeps your multiple facilities on the same page in terms of safety, efficiency and operations. Choose a single solution for ease of maintenance. If you have employees or customers visiting multiple locations, our comprehensive, multi-site management system helps them feel at home at any of your locations.

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Systems We Manage

Facilities are often made up of a wide range of systems, so we work with various teams to coordinate operational and repair services. Here are some of the maintenance and management services we provide:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC and refrigeration
  • Snow and ice management
  • Window cleaning
  • Parking lot and sidewalk management
  • Landscaping

Each focus area can require frequent monitoring, cleaning and other essential tasks and that can add up to a lot of time and money. We organize maintenance schedules and services for all of the systems in your facility. Our integrative management approach allows you to easily communicate with our team about any area of your facility.

Industries We Work With

From world-class brands to small business owners, we work with companies of all sizes to provide the same level of trustworthy and efficient management. Browse the industries we serve to see how we implement reliable solutions in your industry.

Some management tasks may change with your industry. Safety and sustainability in a restaurant environment are very different than in an office space, so we tailor our management approach to fit your industry and your specific business goals.

Comprehensive Maintenance and Repair

Systems can break down and facilities need repairs. Even a brand-new facility requires preventative maintenance services, so we offer full-service maintenance and repair as part of our facility management approach. Explore the ways we can handle emergency repairs or routine maintenance tasks to keep your facility operating efficiently.

Make a repair request through our innovative maintenance software and you’ll enjoy a rapid response from licensed, experienced professionals. At Trillium Facility Solutions, we understand that a broken machine or damaged equipment can result in costly downtime. Our team is available for 24/7 emergency services to repair a broken water line, damage door or unsafe stair rail.

Improvements and Additions

Choose the same reliable contractors and industry experts to upgrade your facility. When it’s time for a new piece of equipment, security system or electrical panel upgrade, turn to our team of qualified experts for hassle-free services.

Many facility additions are beyond the scope of an in-house janitor or maintenance crew. For any size of project, we’re confident we can assist you. Expand your warehouse or keep your office building efficient with the latest plumbing, electrical, HVAC and more.

Upgrades and additions to your building are far more efficient when conducted by the same experienced crew that works on maintenance tasks. Choose the same professionals who are on the same page of your business goals and routine operations. This allows them to get to work right away without a learning curve about your particular building or operation requirements.

Management Software

At the heart of our facility management system is our management software. SimpleFM is a platform that allows you to easily track orders, make requests, monitor assets and perform other management and maintenance tasks. Explore the benefits of our software to see how you can reduce the cost and stress of emergency repairs in any of your buildings.

Alert our team of any pressing emergency issues. If your furnace stops working, simply send a message on the SimpleFM app on your smartphone or computer. A qualified HVAC repair technician will be there shortly to inspect your furnace and perform any necessary repairs.

Plan ahead with scheduled upgrades. The app makes it easy to inform our team of any proposed project you have in the works. We’ll work together to organize a system update or addition to minimize disruption to your facility.

Follow along with your app whether you’re on location or not. SimpleFM makes it easy to see the status of any job, so you’re always in the loop when it comes to your facility management and maintenance.

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Whether you’re looking to change management services or you’re running out of resources to manage your own property, work with our team today. Modern business locations have a wide range of specialized systems and maintenance schedules, so it’s more important than ever to choose a qualified, experienced facility management solution to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Avoid wasted time, hassles and headaches with our comprehensive management approach. Contact us at Trillium Facility Solutions today to set up an account and discuss any facility maintenance projects you’re currently dealing with. Start a conversation about the efficient management of a single location or a multi-location business to keep all your facilities safe and fully operational.

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