Facility Management Benefits

Successful property managers and business owners often seek trusted contractors to work with and build long-term relationships. These contractors provide a wide assortment of important facilities services, such as keeping the property in tip-top shape and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

In spite of this, many property managers take on the hassle of trying to find a different contractor for each individual service they need to get done on a routine basis or during an emergency. Here are some benefits of facility management, when you rely on one trusted property maintenance company to handle your needs.

Maintains Cleanliness

Clean spaces play an important role in maintaining a healthy workforce and healthy customers. This is especially important now that people are increasingly aware of the dangers public spaces may cause during a pandemic. Deep-cleaning and disinfecting not only reduces health risks but also gives customers peace of mind. This is one of the many facility management benefits that create a win-win for property managers and business owners.

Creates a Desirable Environment

Even without a pandemic, people have always preferred clean shared spaces. People have a choice about where they live, work and shop. No one likes to show up to a dirty place for business or leisure and may soon take their business or rent money elsewhere.

When a skilled FM facility maintenance company insures that spaces are clean, glasses are smudge-free and the lawn is well-landscaped, people feel more drawn to these spaces and the calming effect they produce.

Reduces Potential for Liabilities

If a pipe leaks in the bathroom and it does not get fixed in time, someone may slip, fall, hurt themselves and file a personal injury suit. The same is true of snow and ice during the winter. Personal injury claims can be costly, especially if the customer severely injured themselves. Depending on the extent of the injury, their lives may also be negatively affected for a very long time. This makes improved safety one of the best facility management benefits to take advantage of.

Preserves the Property Value

There is a common belief that properties appreciate in value over time. This is often true for residences, but when it comes to commercial spaces, the opposite often proves true. Businesses get more foot traffic than homes and can deteriorate terribly over time. For these and other reasons, commercial enterprises tend to tell their ages more easily than residences.

As more people seek contemporary commercial spaces, this can be a bad thing. Preserving the property value is one of the facility management benefits that business owners look forward to most.

Reduces Repair Costs

The old cliche that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure holds true here. When property managers keep up with routine maintenance, repair costs are generally much lower. Imagine how easy it is to fix a leaking tap, for instance, instead of the tap plus the floors it damaged after the sink filled up and it spilled over onto the tiles. The costs of big repairs can easily begin to eat into other facility management benefits, such as maintaining the property value.

Eliminates Stress

Juggling multiple contractors, especially when you need more than one to tackle multiple issues caused by the same incident, can get stressful. Having just one number to call for most ongoing maintenance tasks and emergency repairs streamlines the process of finding a solution, so you can move on to other important aspects of running your own business or managing the property.

Are you ready to take advantage of these and other benefits of facility management? Trillium Facility Solutions has served Michigan residents for 17 years. We take pride in the work we do and look forward to providing facility management benefits that keep you, your workers and customers safe. Contact us for more information at 844-372-2699.

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