Facility Maintenance Management

From a single restaurant to a nationwide group of industrial plants, if you have a facility you understand the frustrations of management and maintenance tasks. Explore the differences between maintenance and management services to find out why it pays to work with a full-service facility maintenance management team. Grow your business without missing crucial maintenance details.

Facilities Maintenance vs. Facility Management

Facilities break down. Carpets wear out, furnaces become damaged and roofs need replaced before they allow serious interior water damage. All of these repair tasks are part of facility maintenance services. An in-house maintenance team is a serious financial commitment.

If you have an extensive facility, you may need to outsource some tasks to give your maintenance team the breathing room they need to handle other crises.

Smaller facilities can’t afford a reliable, experienced maintenance professional for every aspect of the facility. You may have a general handyman, but one maintenance professional can’t handle a roof replacement, water pipe leak and air conditioner installation process all in the same day.

Facility Management Services
Common Maintenance Issues
Quality Management Services
Facility Management Companies
Advantages of Facilities Management

Facility Management Services

Facility management services are all about the daily operations of your building, both minor details and the big picture. When you work with a facility management team, you’ll enjoy daily interior cleaning, snow removal, lawn care and more extensive services, like health and safety procedure updates.

A facility manager can assist you with budgeting, scheduling and long-term planning for your facility growth and operation. Don’t keep business going as usual, but continue to grow your facility in an efficient way.

Both of these services often go hand in hand. Facility management is the big-picture, decision-making arm of full-service facility solutions, while facility maintenance handles the day-to-day tasks. Together, they represent a cutting-edge solution for keeping your facility ready for daily operation and years of successful growth.

Common Maintenance Issues

A major reason to invest in a facility maintenance team is that there are a wide range of features to take care of in a facility of any size. From the smallest office to a sprawling industrial complex, here are some common maintenance tasks that you’ll face on a daily or weekly basis:

  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Sidewalk and parking lot paving and repairs
  • Window cleaning
  • HVAC, electrical, plumbing and roofing repairs and installation
  • Painting services

From replacing a lightbulb to repaving your entire parking lot, you need a dynamic maintenance team to handle all types of projects. Most facilities can’t afford to hire professionals in every field, so they must either work with an facility maintenance company or spend time contracting local professionals.

Save time on your maintenance tasks by working with a single facility manager at Trillium Facility Solutions. Contacting a single professional, by phone, email or mobile app, reduces the stress of planning maintenance tasks.

Quality Management Services

Leading national facility maintenance companies provide full-service support. Here are just a few key facility issues that you can solve with the help of a management team:

• Cost breakdowns and budgeting for maintenance tasks • Planning facility expansion • Health and safety compliance regulations and equipment purchasing • Improving workplace efficiency

A successful leader knows how to delegate tasks to other professionals. Lead your facility more efficiently by working with a team that can handle these day-to-day facility decisions for you. Receive advice on minor changes to your health and safety protocols, or work with a facility manager to make major facility upgrade decisions.

Facility Management Companies

Conduct a thorough interview of your facility maintenance and management team before deciding on the right team for your growing company. When you choose a facility manager, you’re choosing a partner to come alongside your business and help you compete in your industry.

Advantages of Facilities Management

Outsourcing facility maintenance is not only more efficient and cost-effective but it offers many additional advantages to your business. With all the decisions you must make on a daily basis, running a business puts significant pressure on you.

When you hire Trillium Facility Solutions to handle facility management, it means one less thing for you to worry about. Our comprehensive facilities services mean that we can work out a plan that meets all your needs.

Health and Safety Compliance

Regardless of what industry you are in, there are government-mandated regulations you must meet to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. Not only are we familiar with the applicable regulations, but we can ensure that your facility is compliant.


When you purchased your premises and the equipment that you use to run your business, you made a significant investment. Facility management helps to protect your investment by performing regular upkeep and maintenance. Caring for your assets in this way helps to prevent them from breaking down and decaying, prolonging their useful lifespan. Maintaining your business assets not only keeps them in operation longer, but it also prevents you from having to make large repairs on your equipment. Large repairs tend to cost more money and take the equipment out of commission for a period of time. The cost of repairs combined with the revenue lost during the downtime can cause your business to take a significant financial hit, one from which it may be difficult to recover. Regular facility maintenance helps to minimize the downtime, saving you money in the long run.

Increased Efficiency

Employees tend to be more productive when they work in an environment that is safe and clean. Showing that you care about your employees’ comfort by making their workplace more pleasant also helps to inspire loyalty from them. This means less turnover, meaning that you can save on the time and expense of constantly hiring and training new employees.

Professional Image

It is particularly important to present a professional image when you run a customer-facing facility. However, even if you do not have clients visiting your premises as a matter of course, it is important to make a positive impression on the community by ensuring your facility is properly maintained, both inside and out. Dirty premises in disrepair do not indicate to others that you are too busy to concern yourself with maintenance tasks, although that may be the reality of the situation. Rather, it indicates that you do not care enough to make the effort to make sure your facility is clean and in good condition.

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“I’ve been a partner with Trillium Facilities for over a year now and I really enjoy working with them. From the friendly and courteous staff to the unbelievable communication they have between me and the clients. They really make doing the job easy! Trillium Facilities is an outstanding partner.”
–James Gross All Services Gen Contractor

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