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Facility Maintenance Benchmarking

Facility maintenance benchmarking is the comparison of your facility’s performance metrics against those of another. It is a simple, efficient, and affordable way to assess your facility’s performance. By extension, this also measures the effectiveness of the facility maintenance strategies that you are currently using and provides insight on any changes that you should consider making. It is an invaluable yet underutilized tool and, if used regularly, it ensures continuous improvement.

Evaluate Performance Levels

There are many different types of benchmarking, each involving their own peer group and purpose for the data gathered. By comparing your own facilities amongst each other you can see which ones need improvement in a particular area, such as which location consumes the most energy and how to reduce it. Comparing your facilities against your competitors shows you what the industry standards for performance are and whether or not you are meeting them. Having the numbers in front of you reduces any guesswork when troubleshooting, and increases the odds of success when implementing solutions.

Communicate Performance Levels

There is a big difference between saying that two of your facilities are doing well and saying one is excelling at space utilization while the other excels at physical security. In other words, facility maintenance benchmarking is not only something that can be used to see what needs to be fixed, it also shows you where your strengths are and how you can play into them. The ability to communicate this information makes it easier to give direction when examining problematic areas, as well as increases confidence in key players such as workers or shareholders by allowing you to clearly explain which functions and processes are running smoothly.

Prioritize for Optimization

Identifying your strengths helps you do more than capitalize on them. When you know the areas in which your performance is satisfactory or above, you know not to make any changes to them. All of your time, money and other resources can be saved for the areas that do need improvement. It also prevents you from making changes that could worsen the performance of something that doesn’t need any changes. 

Predict Future Needs

Facility maintenance benchmarking is not something you should wait to do until you think there is an issue. Rather, it’s something that you should fold into your routine maintenance strategy. Finding patterns helps with early identification and taking preventative measures. It also helps you determine if new strategies are working or not, and how to make sensible changes rather than blindly experiment.

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