Snow & Ice Management

Snow and ice can wreak havoc on your business and its bottom line. Though you cannot prevent either from coating your property, you can control the effect it has on your business. When you sign up for Trillium’s facility management solutions, you get access to all of our specialized services, including facility snow and ice removal, pre-snow treatments and other valuable services.

Minimize Risk With Managed Solutions

Snow and ice, whether on the roads or on the sidewalk, pose a very real liability threat to businesses in colder climates. If a customer, employee or passerby slips on icy pavement, or if a snowdrift causes a vehicle to lose control, your company may be financially liable for damages.

At Trillium, we understand how difficult it can be to set up and manage multiple snow removal services across multiple properties and throughout several different regions. Furthermore, there is no way to tell which properties will be hit by a snow or ice storm and which will remain in the clear.

When you work with Trillium Facility Solutions, you do not have to worry about juggling multiple vendors or keeping track of the weather. We do all that for you.

Snow and Ice Facilities Management for Multiple Sites

Snow and Ice Facilities Management for Multiple Sites

At Trillium, our goal is to simplify facility maintenance and management for you so that you can have peace of mind that your property is safe and comfortable for occupants. That said, what exactly does snow and ice management entail? The answer is three-fold:

  • Snow and Ice Removal: Snow and ice removal involves plowing your parking lots and driveways to create safe paths for drivers. Trillium providers also shovel sidewalks, spread salt and remove icicles beneath overhangs.
  • Pre-Snow Treatments: Depending on the severity of the storm, your provider may not be able to make it to each of your properties as quickly as you might like. This may result in business closure, which equates to lost profits. To minimize the impact of inclement weather, Trillium will take precautions and pretreat your property before the snow hits.
  • Parking Lot Staking: When snow covers every inch of a parking lot or property, it can be difficult to spot permanent fixtures. To keep the snowplow from damaging your property, we will stake off areas for it to avoid.

Our snow and ice management services are just two of several facilities maintenance services our extensive network of providers offers. To learn more about these services and our other, more specialized offerings, contact our team today.

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