Coffee & Espresso Repair & Maintenance

Keeping customers and employees caffeinated and motivated is important! But your coffee and espresso equipment might not be something you give a lot of thought to — until it breaks. You can avoid disgruntled customers with regular cleanings and preventative maintenance. Plus, when something does go wrong, you want a reliable facilities management company on speed dial that can get a repair tech out ASAP. When you partner with Trillium Facility Solutions for commercial coffee and espresso equipment repair and maintenance, we handle everything on your behalf. From vetting vendors, to scheduling regular maintenance (and emergency repairs!), we free up your time to focus on other tasks.

Emergency Coffee & Espresso Equipment Repair

Whether you’re a huge corporation, like our customer Krispy Kreme, with coffee equipment spread across multiple locations, or you’re just trying to keep your small office of coffee aficionados happy with a single espresso machine, you have to keep the caffeine flowing.

When something goes wrong, you need repair — fast. Common problems with commercial coffee and espresso machines include:

  • No power to machine; not turning on
  • Water not heating
  • Coffee coming out too quickly (watered down), or too slowly
  • Leaking from water chamber
  • Coffee basket overflowing
  • Heating element not keeping coffee hot
  • Brewing taking too long
  • Water not flowing into heating chamber
  • Strange sounds or smells

Some of these problems could cause your equipment to totally fail, while others are minor annoyances. The important thing to remember is that any problem with your equipment, no matter how small, could mean a more serious issue is brewing. This is why preventative maintenance and regular cleaning is so important when it comes to coffee and espresso equipment.

Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning for Coffee & Espresso Equipment
Brands of Coffee & Espresso Equipment We Service

Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning for Coffee & Espresso Equipment

While the concept behind brewing a cup of coffee is simple, modern machines are highly complex and there are a lot of parts that require regular maintenance.

Between coffee grounds, debris, and hard water mineral deposits, it’s not too difficult for the tubing and valves to get clogged. During your quarterly maintenance visits, your technician will thoroughly clean and descale the equipment and test all components for proper functioning.

Every six months, it is recommended to get a more in-depth tune-up. Since coffee machine components are in constant contact with water, heat, steam, and acidic coffee grounds, there are certain parts that can wear out and need to be replaced. Your technician will check and replace parts such as gaskets, o-rings, valves, fittings and spray heads.

If you have an integrated water filtration system (TIP: you should! Not only does it improve the taste of your coffee, but it will also extend the lifespan of your equipment by filtering out debris and minerals), you will want to have it checked and the filter replaced every 6-12 months.

Brands of Coffee & Espresso Equipment We Service

The vendors we work with service all major brands of coffee and espresso equipment, including:

  • Franke
  • BUNN (including Nitro)
  • Schaerer
  • Concordia
  • And more!

Keep your customers and employees caffeinated and motivated around the clock with regular cleaning and maintenance, plus reliable emergency repair service when you need it. Trillium offers 24/7/365 support. And when you do call for support, you get a live team member, not a bot. If technology is more your thing, you can use our Trillium facilities management software app.

To learn more about our coffee and espresso repair and maintenance services, contact our team today or call (844) 344-3433.

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