Benefits of Facilities Maintenance Software Programs

Facilities Maintenance Software Programs Can Make You A Happier Person

You may be wondering, how can facilities maintenance software programs make me happy? There are innumerable benefits to being happy.  From our physical well-being to our mental clarity, living a low-stress lifestyle is undeniably in our best interest.  If you look online you will likely find blog posts, articles, and scholarly journals espousing the importance of gratitude, mindfulness, and contentment in our attempts to achieve that peaceful state of mind.  What you probably will not find are any mentions of the ways in which facilities maintenance software programs can contribute as well.  Depending on your line of work, however, FMS may be the key component for you and your work-life balance. 


Due to the pandemic people everywhere have become increasingly reliant on technology in order to maintain their day-to-day routines.  Businesses have had to implement different software to make things easier for employees who are now working from home, such as Slack or Asana.  While they are excellent for maintaining communication, which in turn leads to easier collaboration, they are very limited to that singular function.  FMS can help keep the lines of communication open, and accomplish many other tasks in the process using facilities maintenance software programs, so there is no need to try balancing multiple software and platforms to keep things running smoothly.  

Health, Safety, and Security

You will find that many facilities maintenance software programs possess remote security features such as locking doors or alerting authorities.  Not only can they be used to prevent potential threats from entering the building, they can also identify potential threats and safety hazards inside the building.  For example, monitoring the performance of your HVAC units and keeping track of maintenance and repair work improves your building’s air quality.   

Further, they give workers the ability to log their own hours if they have taken on a project elsewhere.  Overworking is proven to be bad for your health, and if you see someone is overly committed you can help prevent them from experiencing burnout.

Employee Experience

When employees find themselves in a pleasant atmosphere they are happier.  There is a direct link to happiness and productivity; not only will the use of FMS make you happier and productive, but it can also be used to have the same effect on your employees.  You have better control over the office space itself, utilizing it as best as possible.  From rearranging furniture for a smoother traffic flow, switching to open workspaces or sit-to-stand desks, temperature control, or changing the lighting, facilities maintenance software helps you identify those seemingly minor issues.  In truth, they have a very strong impact on your corporate culture.

Not only do current employees benefit, but new hires also have a much better experience thanks to FMS.  The application, interviewing, and onboarding process is faster and more efficient without cutting corners.  HR is going to appreciate this as well. 

Decision Making

Ultimately, using FMS gives you access to invaluable data that you might not find otherwise.  Better yet, it stores it in a centralized location so can easily find it and share it.  This data allows you to make the most well-informed decisions you possibly can.  Making good decisions now for you, your employees and your business sets you up for considerable success in the future.  That would put a smile on anyone’s face.

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