Commercial Property Maintenance

From beautiful office buildings to huge manufacturing centers, all business locations require expert commercial property maintenance. Regular inspections, preventative maintenance, cleaning, repairs and timely upgrades allow companies to operate smoothly. Instead of investing resources toward hiring and coordinating in-house personnel, national and international companies are benefiting from outsourcing facilities maintenance tasks. At Trillium Facility Solutions, we provide a wide variety of building maintenance services and solutions for facilities across countless different industries.

The Benefits of Commercial Property Maintenance Companies

By working with certified professionals, businesses experience numerous benefits with regards to costs, management complexity, workplace safety and finished results:

  • Cost reduction: Put simply, it’s more cost-effective to maintain building infrastructure and systems in excellent condition than to replace them. By outsourcing facility maintenance, businesses don’t have to concern themselves with additional employee costs.
  • Efficiency: Systems that work properly enhance production efficiency. Commercial property maintenance ensures core systems continue functioning correctly day after day, year in and year out.
  • Asset preservation: Proper preventative maintenance can avoid costly breakdowns of equipment. Systems last longer and require fewer repairs, preventing the need for intensive facility remodeling.
  • Reputation: Often, public perceptions of a company depend on how well maintained it is. This is equally vital for retail locations that sell to consumers and manufacturing businesses that host inspectors.
  • Working environment: Every business is responsible for the safety of its employees and customers. With facility maintenance related to air quality and structural components, companies provide the best working environment possible. This contributes to productivity.

It’s obvious that professional property maintenance is the optimal choice. No matter the needs of your company, we’re equipped to handle them with certified personnel, proven techniques and advanced technology.

Property and Building Maintenance Services
Customized Maintenance Programs and Certified Professionals

Property and Building Maintenance Services

A professional facility maintenance company is fully licensed in each aspect of indoor and outdoor maintenance. Each professional focuses on his or her area of expertise, ensuring the best results possible for our clients. Here are some of the primary services one typically sees when referring to FM facility maintenance:

  • HVAC: One of the most important systems for employee safety and ambient air quality is the HVAC system. Timely professional maintenance improves energy efficiency, prevents breakdowns and promotes the best customer experience possible.
  • Electrical: With periodic electrical inspections, ongoing maintenance, professional recommendations and emergency repair services, our team keeps servers and operations up and running.
  • Plumbing: Our plumbing experts schedule inspections for building water systems, including leak prevention, system cleaning, waste disposal maintenance and boiler maintenance.
  • Window cleaning: Sparkling windows make an excellent first impression with visitors. We have the tools to clean windows of any size and height.
  • Snow and ice management: Whether you have hundreds of employees or relatively few, business operations depend on keeping parking areas and loading docks clear no matter the weather conditions. We have the heavy equipment needed to take care of everything.
  • Exterior maintenance: Well-maintained parking lots and sidewalks stay in good condition longer, and they reflect well on banks, stores and other commercial properties.
  • Landscaping: Partnering with lawncare experts produces better results and reduced maintenance costs for breathtaking building exteriors.

Dedicated commercial property maintenance companies are prepared to deliver facilities services according to your desired schedule. At Trillium we’re happy to adapt to outside-of-working-hours maintenance needs. Our service providers are on call 24/7 for emergency needs, be it a burst water pipe or power outage. 

Customized Maintenance Programs and Certified Professionals

You should never have to sacrifice quality to partner with an experienced, certified and insured property maintenance company. At Trillium Facility Solutions, we have extensive experience with healthcare companies, dental clinics, small business locations, restaurants, retail stores, corporate office buildings and banks. We adapt to your needs and stay within your proposed budget. This includes everything from designing a customized maintenance schedule to setting out the specific tasks performed in each part of your facility. We provide trustworthy maintenance services for some of the most well-known brands around the country, and we’d love to work with your company as well.

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