Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips For Your Building!

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Building Looking Great!

Your building’s exterior is the first thing that your guests are going to see, and the first thing that leaves an impression on them. It sets their expectation levels for what they encounter inside and can be the determining factor for their engagement. Keeping it neat and attractive has just as strong an impact on their experience as the interior does. These four simple tips can help you keep your property’s exterior looking immaculate, which in turn can help drive sales as well as boost employee morale and productivity. 

Develop a Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Blueprint

Before taking action you will need to devise a plan. This plan can be as basic or as comprehensive as you need it to be. At bare minimum, it should include schedules for commercial grounds care and important details such as where turf has been placed. It can also extend to guidelines for ornament care and shrubbery placement, if necessary.  

Keep Paths and Walkways Safe and Accessible

Make sure all paths and walkways are free of obstructions such as overgrown weeds. You should also ensure they are easily accessible for disabled people or people with mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs. This part of your plan needs to take inclement weather into account as well. Test the pavement to make sure that the surface doesn’t become too slick when wet, and have a winter-exclusive plan dealing with ice and snow if appropriate for the climate you are in. 

Watch for Damaged Property and Equipment

Damaged property or equipment can be just as much a safety hazard as it is an eyesore. Check regularly for damages such as cracks in your walkways or accumulations of debris like fallen leaves. A routine inspection of your outdoor property can be added to your building’s preventative maintenance plan. 

Revisit Your Blueprint Regularly

You might be done with the current draft of your blueprint, but your commercial landscaping maintenance blueprint is never truly finished. Review your current draft later on and see if it is still able to meet your needs. Check for items that were missed or elements not accounted for. You should also update the blueprint whenever alterations are made to your outdoor property, such as an installation of an awning or even something small like newly potted plants.
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