How Software Can Help Your Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

How Software Can Help Your Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Staying on top of routinely scheduled HVAC maintenance can be a hassle. Having to balance that with any complications and emergency repairs can be an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, we no longer have to rely on obsolete systems in order to perform necessary measures for commercial HVAC preventative maintenance. There are advanced software systems that we can use instead for commercial HVAC preventative maintenance. They save time, money, other tangible resources, and optimize workflow.

Digital Advantage

Paper documents are slow, unreliable, and efficient. They are easily lost, damaged, and very much subject to human error. One mistake might result in needing to fill out multiple documents all over again. Not only is this a waste of physical resources, but it also consumes a great deal of time. Software becomes a time-saving measure here as electronic forms are available instantly, accessible from anywhere, and everything is conveniently stored in one place. 

This is especially beneficial for managing multiple sites and contracts. Not only does it generate and store documents for multiple sites, but software can also provide an overview of team member performance, leading to better accountability.


Remembering to schedule routine inspection and repair work is arguably the most essential part of any preventative maintenance strategy. Facility Maintenance Software can schedule those appointments for you and send you reminders of upcoming inspections or repairs. There is no need to resort to using calendars and sticky notes. Malfunctions are unfortunately inevitable but your software can ensure you stay as prepared as possible. They are programmed to remain vigilant for potential problems, and this becomes possible by creating custom maintenance triggers that are unique to your facility’s HVAC system. You will receive automatic notifications in the event of an emergency, as will the repair technician. Maintenance software is capable of automatically generating and submitting a work order for you.


Software is capable of detecting a potential malfunction before it can occur. It will look for patterns in order to predict future issues. This gives you a chance to address any issues before they worsen, saving you a great deal of money in the long run. Aside from the malfunctions themselves, HVAC preventative maintenance software can predict the parts you will need in order to perform maintenance. This extends to general inventory management as well. Put more simply it predicts not only the ‘when’ but the ‘what’ too.

Data Management

Facility maintenance software for HVAC can be used to track and record a plethora of data aside from patterns and inventory management. While it may be impossible to permanently rid yourself of a backlog you can use software to prevent your checklist backlogs from overflowing. This too saves you time and money in the long run as it is much easier to try and keep up with your no doubt expansive to-do list. 

Software also takes a look at your maintenance KPIs (key performance indicators) and maintenance metrics. Maintenance KPIs are used to measure an entity’s performance. This can be an individual or an entire department. Downtime, costs and spending, and safety and compliance are all examples of KPIs. The term ‘maintenance metrics’ is often used interchangeably with KPIs, erroneously so, as they are used to measure the efficacy of your current strategies. They quantify how well or how poorly people and assets are working to find opportunities for growth.  Examples of maintenance metrics include overall equipment effectiveness, turnover rate, and the average time between malfunctions. 

Improved Communication

Documents such as emails and invoices can be accessed with the press of a button. You yourself will become more accessible as well. Since software can be used anytime and anywhere customers, clients, technicians, and managers can easily communicate with each other. By installing the mobile application to your phone you are readily available to discuss issues, receive updates, and be notified by someone after hours.

Anticipate Expenses

Automated reminders and maintenance triggers serve a purpose other than prevention. Having predictable workflow results in both predictable revenues and allows you to create a proper budget. If you allot money for potential repair work you can easily plan ahead for any potential problems so neither you nor your bank account is caught off guard. Having access to a comprehensive history of malfunctions and other problems with your HVAC system can tell you how much you have spent in the past, giving you a solid idea of how much you should set aside in the event of an emergency. 

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