Get Your Commercial Building Maintenance Ready for Summer

Get Your Commercial Building Maintenance Ready for Summer

Keeping a commercial building in ideal condition requires constant attention. There are always utilities to repair, elements to inspect, improvements to be made, and processes to double-check. Staying on top of routine maintenance in preparation for seasonal changes is crucial for business owners who want to preemptively save time and money on repairs. 

As the weather warms up, commercial building owners should start thinking about annual maintenance, which includes everything from safety inspections to examining HVAC systems. Commercial buildings can be damaged by winter weather, and summer is the ideal time to initiate any repairs needed.

Summer Checklist for Commercial Building Maintenance

Though it can be demanding, this helpful checklist should be beneficial in planning out commercial building maintenance just in time for the summer heat.

Inspect the Roof

  • A roof inspection is an essential element of your summer to-do list. Storms are common in the summer, and the last thing you want is a leaking roof. Check for damage such as missing shingles, cracks, or holes while inspecting the roof. Any form of roof damage necessitates the assistance of a skilled roofing company. 

Check Plumbing

  • Make a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing! Water usage will likely increase over the summer, but this should not be due to leaking pipes.
  • Check for leaks or reach out to a licensed plumbing company to have an inspection performed.

Maintain HVAC System

  • The HVAC system in commercial buildings should be checked on a regular basis, but especially when it’s time to prepare for summer. During the summer, the air conditioner will need to work at its highest capacity. 
  • Adjust thermostats for optimal indoor temperatures during the HVAC system check and remember to inspect/replace the filters. Keep an eye on the unit, particularly during the first run. If you observe any issues, you’ll need to consult with a certified HVAC company.

Examine Electrical System

  • During summer, lighting timers need to be adjusted accordingly due to the longer spans of the daytime. It’s also necessary to replace any burned-out bulbs or frayed wire. Any issues found should be addressed by an electrician.

Additional Repairs

Once you’ve completed the key parts of summer building maintenance, you’re free to improve upon other aspects of your building just in time for a new season. Remodeling, repainting, aesthetic improvements, new landscaping, or stylized upgrades are all great choices for building improvements to invest in.

By ensuring that your commercial building has been properly maintained in time for the summer season, you can protect your property and avoid having to invest in costly repairs. Building maintenance can prevent costly problems from ever occurring and keep your commercial building in great condition for decades to come.

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