Changes in Facility Maintenance Software Solutions Are Here to Stay

Changes in Facility Maintenance Software Solutions Are Here to Stay

As a result of the pandemic, facility maintenance software solutions are now as valuable as ever. The pandemic has forced workspaces of every industry to introduce changes that promote worker safety as well as encourage productivity. While many of these measures were intended to be temporary they have demonstrated a utility that no one had anticipated. As such many places are continuing to implement these measures, but now as permanent changes to their daily operations and standard procedures. 

Office Models and Space Utilization

One of the most obvious changes is the new office model referred to as the “blended workplace”, or the combination of working on-site and working remotely (usually from home). Having people work from home was initially a necessity, but it had such a tremendous impact on the delicate work and homelife balance that many places are giving employees the option to accommodate their lifestyle. The changes in occupancy are affecting office space utilization and introducing new ways to optimize space usage. It’s also prompting employers to have a few people on-site as possible each day to minimize physical contact and potential exposure.

Social Distancing and Spatial Relations

Part of properly utilizing that space involves encouraging social distancing. Offices are selecting specific types of furniture which both meet the needs of their staff, make their guests feel comfortable and welcome, while also making it easier for people to maintain a proper distance from each other. This can potentially come at the cost of collaboration and team building, however, since open workspaces are being discouraged and staff is kept far apart from each other. Employers are tasked with finding creative ways to keep their staff safe without interfering with communication and teamwork. 

Innovations in Sanitation

There was a time when office spaces prioritized transitioning to eco-friendly cleaning products and other efforts to ‘go green’. Now workspaces are instead prioritizing industrial-strength sterilizing agents and disinfectants. Whether or not they are eco-friendly is just a bonus. High tech innovations such as MERV 13 air filters, upgraded HVACs, UV light air purifiers, and electrostatic sprayers continue to be in high demand. Having so much new equipment can put a strain on the budget, however, especially if something goes awry. Building owners who purchase any new equipment, regardless of its function, should make sure to fold it into their preventative maintenance routine and invest in some service work order software.

The Bare Minimum and Practical Equipment

Every workplace has at the very least made some permanent changes to its basic health and safety measures. Aside from hand sanitizer and temperature checks, most facilities have taken to installing touchless equipment. Door opens, urinals, faucets, and soap dispensers can be used without any contact. Taking these steps is not only practical, it’s giving people incentive to return to their workplace feeling confident that employers and building owners are looking out for their wellbeing.

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