Case Studies


This dental chain did not have a facilities program in place, which meant it also did not have an insurance verification process. The leaders were hiring contractors on an as-needed basis, which created several problems. For one, there was no accountability. If a contractor messed something up, there was no guarantee he or she would return to fix it. Two, there was no way for the dental company to control costs. Because every contractor charges different rates for different issues, the company struggled to control maintenance spending. Three, the managers were only calling in contractors when problems popped up; routine maintenance, which helps to keep costs down, was not happening. Finally, contractors were showing up at random times, disrupting the office.


The company desperately needed an all-inclusive solution that encompassed the maintenance needs of all its facilities. By hiring Trillium, it finally gained access to a single platform for all things facility.


The decision to use Trillium’s facility management services had several benefits. Once partnered with our team, the operation’s leaders were able to relieve themselves of the burden of scheduling and managing repair work. This allowed them to focus their time and energy on bigger and more important projects. Because Trillium offers consistent pricing, the dental brand was finally able to control costs and budget accordingly. Finally, the company’s facilities began to undergo the routine maintenance they needed to prevent costly issues from arising in the first place. Managing 20 facilities is difficult even with professional help. Trillium’s cloud-based platform, which makes it easy to schedule and manage work orders, streamlines all the operation’s needs for all parties.


HVAC systems require routine maintenance to keep them working optimally and prevent issues, which are often costly and difficult to repair. A recent client — a large national mall retailer — had no maintenance system in place. As a result, their HVAC equipment was continually breaking down across all sites. This lead to poor store conditions, unnecessary equipment repairs and out of control spending.


The retailer turned to Trillium. Trillium’s extensive network of providers consists of hundreds of HVAC experts across the nation, all of whom have the training and experience necessary to maintain equipment and make complex repairs. When the retailer first invested in our facility management services, we worked with them to devise a maintenance schedule that worked for it and our providers. Once a plan was in place, Trillium took over the preventative maintenance and repairs for each of its facilities nationwide.


After just a single year of utilizing Trillium’s services, which consisted of consistent preventative maintenance visits, the company was able to reduce repair expenditures by 50%. The monetary savings were tremendous, soaring into six-figures. In addition to monetary savings, the retailer’s leaders were able to focus their time and energy on more important matters. Instead of having to schedule contractors and deal with multiple invoices, the managers could focus on creating a better customer experience, training personnel, marketing and advertising and other priority tasks associated with running a national mall chain. Trillium has over a decade of experience in facilities maintenance and management. No job is too big or complicated for our providers to take on. Whether your company, like the national mall retailer, struggles to control your HVAC repair spending or it needs help managing other maintenance needs, Trillium is ready to serve you. We exist to simplify things for our clients and to ensure all aspects of their facilities run smoothly — which is precisely what we did for this client.

Trillium provides the simplest way to order plumbing, electrical, HVAC, handyman, and other services – nationwide. With the Trillium platform, facilities services have never been easier!

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