Building Maintenance Software Saves You Time

Building Maintenance Software Saves You Time

Building maintenance software is specialized software that building managers can use to manage repairs, cleaning, and other aspects of upkeep. It falls under the umbrella category of computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, which acts as a database of an organization’s maintenance operations. This technology is an absolute necessity in helping building managers stay organized and focused so they can accomplish their various tasks with ease and in a timely manner.

Duties of Building Managers

Building managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of an organization, ensuring that buildings are capable of supporting an organization’s needs, and finding cost-effective solutions to extend the building’s lifespan. Coordinating maintenance, ensuring that facilities remain compliant, housekeeping, and security all fall under the scope of building maintenance. They often find themselves struggling to balance the demands placed on them because their duties cover such a broad array of tasks. 

Not only do building managers need to find cost-effective solutions for their issues and the issues of their clients, they also need to find time-saving measures to prevent falling behind on their work. Staying organized is key, but many building managers are stuck using outdated and inefficient organizational systems. Papers are easily misplaced or damaged, emails end up in junk folders or lost in the shuffle, and one error in data interpretation can cripple a project. These are all examples of human error, but it is possible for building managers to circumvent them if they leverage the right tools and technology – and this is where building maintenance software enters the picture.

Modern Solutions

Building maintenance is what keeps a building operational and livable. Building maintenance software is what keeps building managers from missing important details, aids in prioritizing tasks, and automates rudimentary tasks. This frees up time so building managers are able to invest more time and energy into larger projects that require more attention and a careful eye. If building managers are too scattered, unorganized, and unfocused then it is harder for them to perform their job to the best of their abilities – both the buildings that they oversee and the organizations within can suffer as a result.

Building maintenance software streamlines their work, and even makes their jobs ‘mobile’. Software can be used on the go, anywhere and everywhere it is needed, so managers are never confined to an office. They can complete tasks right away and on-site, which eases the communication process with the other decision-makers that they are working with and enhances collaborative capabilities on key projects.

Benefits of Building Maintenance Software

Building maintenance software has numerous advantages over the ‘old-fashioned’ ways of doing things. One such advantage is that it can ensure regulatory compliance. It does so through testing against any compliance concerns. It can also incorporate activities that are necessary to ensure compliance into maintenance routines, such as making sure technology is up to code and that workers have the proper protection. Violating these regulations can result in severe fines, suspensions, and quite possibly termination of an organization.

It also saves time by capturing information automatically and generating accurate reports in seconds. Having immediate access to these reports, which are generated through information and updates in real-time, allows building managers, stakeholders, and other people with decision-making power to make more informed decisions.

This specialized software is intended to make a building manager’s work easier, and this is not possible without integration capabilities. Building maintenance software can integrate with other types of software that an organization might be using. Centralizing crucial information creates more accurate reports and graphs, as they are able to reflect the bigger picture.

Benefits of Trillium

Building maintenance software is growing in popularity but it has yet to become the norm. This is surprising because it is the most effective alternative to obsolete systems and tools – building managers have no reason to rely on sticky notes and email reminders in the 21st century. By leveraging the power of building maintenance software, they are guaranteed to save time and money without compromising the integrity of their work or disrupting the operations of an organization inside the buildings that they are responsible for.

Trillium’s facility maintenance software and experienced team help organizations manage, monitor, and control maintenance including: equipment, resources, and regulatory compliance. Let us handle your facility and job management needs and help your organization save time and money. Interested to see how easy facilities can be?  Sign up for a Demo or email us at

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