Great Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance Over Corrective Maintenance

Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance Over Corrective Maintenance

A proper maintenance strategy is an absolute must-have for every building and facility manager. There are different approaches to maintaining your property and assets, however, so crafting the perfect strategy for your facility can be difficult. More often than not industry professionals recommend preventative maintenance, especially when compared to corrective maintenance. The Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance reduces the number of breakdowns experienced, which lends itself to multiple other benefits.

Lengthen the Life of Your Assets

The goal of preventative maintenance is to stop an issue before it can start. This reduces the frequency of breakdowns, which can significantly increase the lifespan of your most critical assets. Mean time between failures, sometimes shortened to ‘MTBF’, is a KPI which many facilities use to inform decisions regarding their maintenance planning and decisions. It also improves workplace safety and compliance. This is one of the most commonly cited benefits of preventative maintenance. 

Reduce Downtime and Interruptions

Downtime is inevitable, as are malfunctions and breakdowns, but scheduling it in advance can result in substantially lower downtime. Unlike corrective maintenance, there is little to no wait for the shipment of necessary parts or scheduling a specialized mechanic. Maintenance can also be scheduled at any time, such as after hours, so it does not interfere with productivity or efficiency. 

Fewer Emergency Work Orders

Unplanned corrective maintenance has many overhead costs when compared to preventative maintenance. A preventative plan makes it easier to predict when a malfunction may occur by identifying patterns or highlighting problematic areas before they break down. Without having that information readily available in advance you will find yourself rushing to submit last-minute work orders. Being caught off guard can also lead to costly overnight shipping on replacement parts.

Flexible to Accommodate Your Priorities

Whether or not preventative maintenance is right for you is often a matter of cost. If older or less reliable assets are not worth the upkeep then the money spent in monitoring their performance is money wasted. This can be avoided or reduced by using a usage-based preventative maintenance schedule rather than a time-based one. Time-based schedules are centered around an event such as routine inspection of a critical asset. Usage-based schedules are more flexible, going off of a specific measurement such as work cycles or hours. It’s similar to having your car inspected after hitting a certain mileage.

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