As a reward for our service excellence and profitability, our vision is to explore philanthropical opportunities across the world in impoverished areas.


  • Generosity: contribute greatly to world-changing causes
  • People first: treat our clients, team-members, and suppliers with dignity and respect
  • Integrity: we will not compromise our values and convictions for any competitive gain
  • Simplicity: our systems and processes will be simple for an efficient user experience both internally and externally
  • Servant Leadership: relentless in our service excellence in putting other’s needs ahead of our own
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This is the famous question and rightly so, “Why?”. Why does it matter that Trillium Facility Services (Trillium FS) will exist? Why will it matter if we wake up out of bed, be away from our families for 33%+ of our existence to produce results?


The ‘what’ is simply providing multi-location organizations with integrated (consolidated) facility services to make their lives easier and costs smaller. We desire to be a decision-makers single point of contact for scheduled and on-demand facility maintenance services. Simple, clear, and direct.

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Our Purpose

We exist to make the lives of our clients simpler.

We simply live with the conviction that a company has the capability to make an eternal impact in people’s lives and advance the life-giving cause of Jesus Christ.